All Problems Will Be Solved
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"Ajita... God's another name is Ajita. A means 'not,' and jita means 'conquered.' Nobody can conquer God. That is God. God is never conquered by anyone. He conquers everyone. God is conquered by His devotee only, not by the demons. The demons are conquered by God. But devotee can conquer. Ajito 'pi, jito 'pi. Although God is ajita, He becomes jita, means conquered, by His devotee. That is also stated: sthāne sthitāḥ śruti-gatāṁ tanu-vāṅ-manobhiḥ, prāyena ajita jito 'py asi tais tri-lokyām (SB 10.14.3). This process we have introduced, opening centers, that is the system in spiritual, to hear. Sthāne sthitāḥ śruti-gatāṁ tanu-vāṅ-manobhiḥ. Śruti. Śruti means this ear, aural reception. Everyone may remain in his own position. It doesn't require to change. Just like one gentleman was asking whether, for spiritual advancement, one has to live in the temple. I said, 'No. There is no such hard-and-fast rule that one should live in the temple.' He can live anywhere. But the spiritual practices should be going on. Kṛṣṇa never says that you live in the temple or you go to the jungle or Himalaya. Never says. You'll never find in the Bhagavad-gītā that Kṛṣṇa says Arjuna that 'You give up this fighting and go to the jungle or to the Himalaya and become perfect person.' No. Kṛṣṇa says, man-manā bhava mad-bhakto mad-yājī māṁ namaskuru (BG 18.65). You follow this principle: 'Always think of Me,' man-manāḥ, mad-bhaktaḥ, 'you become My devotee.' Man-manā bhava mad... mad-yājī, 'Worship Me and offer your obeisances unto Me.' These four things. You can do anywhere. It doesn't matter. But you do all these things. Narottama dāsa Ṭhākura says, gṛhe vā vanete thāko hā gaurāṅga bole ḍāko. Either you remain as a gṛhastha with family, wife, children—it doesn't matter—or either you live in the forest like sannyāsī, renounced. In whichever position you prefer, you can remain. But do these things: man-manā bhava mad-bhakto mad-yājī māṁ namaskuru (BG 18.65).

So here Śukadeva Gosvāmī advises—this is very important word—kim ajito na avati upasannān. Ajita, the Supreme Lord, Kṛṣṇa, He's maintaining everyone: yoga-kṣemaṁ vahāmy aham (BG 9.22). And He'll not maintain a person who has fully surrendered to Him? No. How it can be? Suppose a gentleman is maintaining so many others' children. And he does not maintain his own children? Surely he does. Therefore our principle should be we should not think about our personal maintenance. We should dedicate our life for Kṛṣṇa, and Kṛṣṇa will take care of it. That should be the principle. Don't be harassed, thinking always, 'How I shall be maintained?' That is not the problem. Maintenance is not problem. Real problem is, 'How we shall be fully surrendered to Kṛṣṇa?' That is wanted. Upasannān. Upasannān means those who have surrendered. So if we are fully surrendered souls then there is no problem for our economic advancement. That is automatically it will be done. Kṛṣṇa says in the Bhagavad-gītā, yoga-kṣemaṁ vahāmy aham... teṣāṁ nityābhiyuktānāṁ... yoga-kṣemaṁ vahāmy aham (BG 9.22). He personally takes care, he's taking care of others also. Nobody is dying for want of food this is a misconception. Everyone is getting food according to his capacity. There are 8,400,000 species of life, out of that 8 million are lower grade life, fishes, plants, insects, trees. Jalajā nava-lakṣāṇi sthavarā lakṣa-viṁśati (Padma Purāṇa). Eight million, they have no business, they have no means of other income, by nature they are getting their all supplies. So why not the human being? Even the uncivilised human being they are living in the jungle. They have no business, they have no source of income but still they are getting food. Similarly, why the civilized man should be so much anxious for their maintenance? It is due to lack of Kṛṣṇa consciousness therefore they are thinking how I shall remain. The maintenance is already there, simply you have to work it. You just till the ground, or the field and sow some seeds and naturally in due course of time one seed will give you thousands. So if you little work there is no question of scarcity of foodstuffs Kṛṣṇa has given everything. So our main business should be, how to develop our dormant Kṛṣṇa consciousness. That is our first business, tasyaiva hetoḥ prayateta kovido (SB 1.5.18). Everyone should endeavour, we have lost our Kṛṣṇa consciousness. Therefore we have got so many problems in life. If you revive your Kṛṣṇa consciousness all problems will be solved. That is a song sung by Bhaktivinode Ṭhākur:

    miche māyār bośe, jāccho bhese',
    khāccho hābuḍubu, bhāi
    jīv kṛṣṇa-dās, e viśvās,
    korle to' ār duḥkha nāi

That is very instructive, that we are being carried away by the waves of this material nature and sometimes we have drowned and sometimes we are up. In this way:

    prakṛti-sthāni karṣati
    (BG 15.7)

Our struggle for existence in this way, in this material world. In this way we are being carried away by the waves of time. That is pointed out by Bhaktivinode Ṭhākur, māyār bośe, jāccho bhese', khāccho hābuḍubu. Then yes, I am actually in this position, how to save me? Jīv kṛṣṇa-dās, e viśvās, korle to' ār. If simply, if you believe, this is the fact, if you believe or not believe. This is the fact, what is that? I am eternal servant of Kṛṣṇa. I am eternal servant of Kṛṣṇa, you simply revive your knowledge. We are not master, jīv kṛṣṇa-dās, e viśvās, korle to' ār duḥkha nāi. So if we revive our, this Kṛṣṇa consciousness, and engage in the service of the Lord. Then there is no more, any problems. That is instructed throughout the whole Bhagavad-gītā. In many places, in many ways, that you surrender to Kṛṣṇa. That is the only instruction, at last it is clearly said:

    sarva-dharmān parityajya
    mām ekaṁśaraṇaṁ vraja
    (BG 18.66)

There it is clearly said, in another place it is said:

    daivī hy eṣā guṇa-mayī
    mama māyā duratyayā
    mām eva ye prapadyante
    māyām etāṁ taranti te
    (BG 7.14)

The waves of material nature, time, is very, very stringent, māyār bośe yāccho bese, and Kṛṣṇa also says the same thing in a different way:

    daivī hy eṣā guṇa-mayī
    mama māyā duratyayā

You cannot surmount the waves of material nature.

    prakṛteḥ kriyamāṇāni
    guṇaiḥ karmāṇi sarvaśaḥ
    kartāham iti manyate
    (BG 3.27)

You are being carried away by the laws of nature, you cannot. You are thinking foolishly that you are independent. Everyone is under the stringent laws of nature. That you cannot avoid, you are. If I am a young man, I am thinking, that I shall not become old man. I shall remain young, that is foolishness. You must become old, that is nature's answer. You cannot avoid it. Similarly, if you think that this is old body. When it is finished, everything is finished. No! It will not be finished, you will have to accept another body. This is material life, these foolish men they do not know it. They are thinking that I shall remain in this prosperous position, throughout. No sir! This is not prosperous position, it is all miserable condition. And even if you take it as prosperous position, you will not be allowed to stay. This is material life. This is the problem, but foolish men they do not know what is the real problem. They are busy in the small problem, the real problem is birth, death, old age and disease. So the opportunity is in this human form of life, so we should take advantage of this human form of life and solve these problems and it can be solved very easily. That is Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement."

(Srila Prabhupada Lecture, New York, March 5, 1975)

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