Artistic Offering (#71)
Lord Nrsimhadeva
by Prahlad Das (Age 10)

My dearest Nrsimhadeva

I pay my obeisance to you, I love you very much. I am 10 years old now and I started liking you when I was 4 yrs old. Your form is so nice and strong and so different. I like your nails and mane.

I have a small deity of you and Prahlad maharaja. I like to decorate it and make garlands. I like visiting your different temples. When I grow big I wish I can someday visit "AHOBALAM." Please give me strength to reach there. When I will come to you I will serve you with the help of Prahlad maharaja.

Please bless me so that I become your bhakta.

Your servant
Prahlad das
(Jaipur, India)

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