The Subscribers and Sympathizers of "Back to Godhead"
All Over India and Abroad
Delhi, Saturday, 20th Oct. 1956  (Series #5)
Edited and Founded
Under direct order of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad BhaktiSiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada
                    By Goswami Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta
Dear Sirs,

You have been reading my paper 'Back to Godhead' for sometime and certainly you might have formed some opinion about it. Some of my learned readers have already sent their valuable suggestions and opinions about it and I shall be glad to receive your opinion about your impression of the paper.

Some friends have suggested to get it published in book form so that the instructive articles may be preserved in the book shelf and I shall be glad to receive your opinion about it.

Lastly I beg to inform you that to improve the status of the paper for international organization and for enlightenment of all men without any distinction -- a registered associaton is already formed under the name of League of Devotees. This association will take charge of this paper (under my editorship) and will issue immediately the Hindi edition and gradually in other languages also. The summary of the Prospectus is printed in this issue. I shall request you to become a member of this association. The activities of the association primarily aim at awakening of the Divine consciousness of humanity. This Divine consciousness is already there in the heart of every living being in dormant condition but it has simply to be cultured in pure heart by giving patient aural reception to the tidings of 'Back to Godhead'. The articles published in the 'Back to Godhead' has their own power to help that awakening because they are direct messages of the liberated sages who are above the principles of human frailties. Every sincere reader will perceive its truth in the course of progressive reading.

The subscription rates for the constitutional voting members of the League of Devotees have been fixed up at Rs. 10, Rs. 50/- and above per month. But sympathising member can contribute anything he desires.

I shall request you to become a voting member otherwise you can become a sympathizer member just to help this great attempt. The enrolment form is supplied herewith.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,
Sd/- A.C. Bhaktivedanta
Founder Secretary
'The League of Devotees'
Editor: 'Back to Godhead'

The League of Devotees stands to save the human being at large from going down again in the cycle of animal life and wants to raise him to the position of transcendental loving servitor of Godhead which is his eternal birth-right as he is the Divine child of Godhead.

The League of Devotees after deliberate consideration of authoritative scriptures for Spiritual science has put forward the following aims and objects in view for the society.

1.  To propagate spiritual knowledge systematically for checking the imbalance of life to the whole race of India and the world over, with a view to educate the people in general in the techniques of spiritual life as the basis for balanced psychic and biological developments of the human race and thereby achieve real unity and peace of the contending elements of the present world.

2.  To build up a social structure on the foundation of spiritual progress and establishment of peace and amity between man and man throughout the whole world.

3.  To propagate the sense of Godhead (who is one and the Absolute, who is the fountainhead of all opulence, all powers, all fame, all beauty, all knowledge and all indifference. Who is the Creator of everything that is visible and not-visible in the manifested world or beyond. Who is therefore the Original Protector and Enjoyer of everything that be, everywhere in the greater society of human race.

4.  To save man individually from the system of chained victimization by the trend of modern civilization of false sentiments so that man may again be a free soul to act and live freely an inspired life with spiritual vision. This is possible by individual spiritual initiation when a man can see every thing in Godhead and Godhead in everything.

5.  To imbibe and develop in the mind of the individual soul the all attractive Personality of Godhead (Shree Krishna) in His Primeval and Eternal Form as He has revealed Himself in His own words the Bhagwat Geeta. He has to be known all over the world in the manner as revealed by Lord Chaitanya who practically demonstrated the transcendental process of approaching the Absolute Godhead by his acts of Congregational Chanting of the holy name of Godhead. There is nothing in the teachings of Lord Chaitanya which is not intelligible by human reasonings or is against any religious feeling accepted by the civilized society of the
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6.  This supramental state of Divine Life is described in the "Ishopanishad" as follows:-

Ishabashayamidam Sarbam
Jatkinchit Jagatyam Jagat
Tenataktena Bhunjitha
Magridha Kashyachit Dhanam.

7.  To prepare the ground work of spiritual atmosphere for the people in general by Sankirtan movement as it is recommended in the scriptures and as propounded by the Father of the "Sankirtan" movement Lord Chaitanya.

8.  To undertake civic enterprises which do not come in conflict with the ideals and missions of the 'League' with all the principles in view.

9.  To arrange lectures and discourses by eminent devotees for the benefit of the members of the 'League' and send missionary for this purpose in all parts of the world to recruit members of the 'League'.

10.  To open free mail services to advise by post in respect of enquiries made to the 'League' on spiritual subjects.

11.  To make the 'League' an international organization for spiritual development through education and culture, also by recruiting members of the 'League' from all nationalities.

12.  To evoke the qualities of 'goodness' particularly (Satwa-guna) in every member of the 'League' individually by the process of spiritual initiation (Diksha) by establishing him in the status of a qualified Brahmin (good and intellectual man) on the basis of truthfulness, forgiveness, equality, tolerance, education, purity, knowledge (specific and general) and faith in the transcendental service of Godhead.

13.  To accept membership of all orders of life, namely:

  (i) Brahmacari i.e. unmarried scholars fully devoted to the service of Godhead.
  (ii) Grhasthas i.e. married householders living with family but devoted to the service of Godhead.
  (iii) Banaprasthas i.e. retired householders not living with the family but devoted to the service of Godhead.
  (iv) And Sanyasis or Tyagis i.e. retired householders fully renounced to the service of Godhead without any family attachment.

14.  To initiate members in the rules of the Goswamins above mentioned by controlling over (i) illegitimate connections with woman (ii) intoxicating habit (iii) diet regulated with vegetable dishes (iv) gambling unnecessary sporting or recreation enterprises.

An Appeal

The League of Devotees will give all help to you by personal touch, by literature, by instruction and by correspondence. Do not leave the opportunity. Make your life perfect by contacting our relation.

Membership Form

  The League of Devotees (Regd)
Calcutta and Delhi

  Sri Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta
  Founder Secretary
  The League of Devotees,
  1797, Ranu Bagh Extension
  P.O. Shakurbaati, Delhi

Dear Sir,

Please enrol my name as constitutional member of your League and I shall contribute my membership fee at the rate of Rs.........................
....................... per month
                            Yours faithfully

Name in full....................................
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