Delhi, Tuesday 20th November, 1956  (Series #7)
Edited and Founded
Under direct order of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhakti-Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupada
By Goswami Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta
The fortnightly periodical BACK TO GODHEAD is the need of the time as the panacea for all sorts of material diseases in their various forms. The Ahmedabad incidences and several other occurances all over the world are creations of a Godless civilization and the need of the time is to counteract them for the tendency is so much harmful to the humanity at large. It is not the question of interest which one may or may not have in the subject matters dealt in the pages of Back to Godhead but yet they have to be swallowed up as doses of medicines for cure of a chronic disease.

Gentlemen, therefore, in responsible positions in the social orders, such as all administrators, all businessmen, all mill owners, all industrialists, all agriculturists, all educationalists etc., are respectfully requested herewith to give Back to Godhead a wide circulation throughout the world by one's energy, wealth, intelligence and words collectively or separately.

Legislative actions or similar pressure of the state cannot change the fallen heart of the misguided citizen unless he is awakened by his own divine nature. The dormant divine nature within a person must therefore be awakened, otherwise all external qualifications will be decorations of the dead body.

The panacea is to learn how to love Godhead. To create a false god or to become a false god by imagination is much an act of inferior quality than to love God and to become interested in God.

Pure love of Godhead automatically qualifies a man with all the saintly qualities, whereas in the absence of such pure love of God, all mundane qualities will be compared with a jewel on the head of the serpent. Such qualifications are sure to become tools in the hands of the illusory nature technically called by the name Maya.

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Godhead regularly

Opinion of Shri K.D. Bajpai, M.A. Archeologist and Curator in Government Museum, Mathura, U.P.

I have been reading the fortnightly periodical Back to Godhead with profit and interest. The editor of the paper, Shri Abhay Charan Bhakti Vedanta, is taking great pains to make it useful to scholars and laymen. The articles published in the Back to Godhead are very instructive and open the way to understand religion and philosophy in their true sense. I have no doubt that under the able editorship of Shri Bhaktivedanta Ji who is a profound scholar, this paper will render great service to humanity. Such papers are greatly needed to guide the life and thought of the people at large.

Opinion of Professor B. Sinha, M.A., B.T., LL,B., Faculty of Arts, Baroda College, and President, Theosophical Society, Baroda.

It was pleasure and profit to discuss spiritual matters with Shri Goswami Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta ji.

I wholeheartedly support his efforts to spiritualise the conduct of human life today. The paper Back to Godhead contains valuable articles, food for thought and inspirations to good living. I pray to God that his attempt may achieve the success they so richly deserve.

Opinion of Professor Hukumchand Chotervedi, M.A. etc., Lecturer in Economics, M.B.J. College Bharatpur.

I went through some of the articles published in the first eight issues of Back to Godhead. We are passing through times which in spite of day to day nay minute to minute clamouring for the recognition of spiritual value and practising it in our social relations, we find them conspicuous by their more or less absence, in our dealing with each other.

I firmly believe that Back to Godhead will give most of our thinking men not only food for reflection but also inspire them to change their
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very approach for solution of problems of life. What dry thinking may fail to achieve may be easily attained by pure love, love of God -- whose grace alone can sustain us in the path of right consciousness in the face of wordly troubles and difficulties. 

Opinion from Shri B.N. Sinha, B.Sc., (Eng.) A.N.I.E. (Ind.) etc. Resident Engineer of Mathura Electric Supply Co., Mathura.

I am regular subscriber of the paper Back to Godhead edited by Shri Goswami Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta. The paper teaches us the way to reach God in the approved scientific way chalked out by our liberated sages who flourished in the glorious days of India. We have deviated much from their path and therefore become conditioned by the stringent laws of nature.

It is a noble attempt to bring back the people in general to divinity in the plane of spirit soul where we can enjoy peace and prosperity perfectly.

  Opinion of
R.S. Shri Gur Pershad Kapoor
Ex. Hon. Magistrate, Delhi

I have been a regular reader of the paper "Back to Godhead" since it has been introduced. During these days when the majority of the people of this country appear to have entirely forgotten God, I understand that the publication of such a paper is badly needed in order to invoke the ideals of humanity and spiritualism for which India was respected throughout the world in the old days. God loving public must appreciate the efforts made by the editor of the paper, Shri Goswami Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta, in introducing such a useful organ. It would be better if the instructive paper is published in Hindi also.

Opinion of
Dr. Ram Krishna Bharadwaj
Municipal Commissioner of Delhi

I am glad to have become subscriber and gone through the contents of "Back to Godhead."  This periodical is trying to solve the problems of practical life through spiritual realisation. I am of considered opinion that India can never prosper unless we raise our moral standard and adopt the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. Spiritual realisation and moral standard are two identical things.

The Ancient Indian culture on spiritual conception is the ideal civilization. The motto of simple living and high thinking is a by product of spiritual life. This straight way of spiritual understanding is being advocated by Shri Goswami Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta, the able and scholarly editor of "Back to Godhead."The mode of his scholarly, but at the same time very simple presentation, and the ways of his expression are excellent and they have impressed me the most. I wish that every cultured gentleman and specially those who are leading the public opinion must read this important paper. In my opinion, every library and more particularly all school and college libraries must subscribe to this important fortnightly paper.

I thank Shri Goswami Bhaktivedanta ji for his timely bringing out such important paper for a novel enlightenment of cultured life.
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