Causeless Mercy (#108)
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Listen My Heart


Gokulananda das

Listen my heart
to the ancient Voice
of our dear most Friend
Who eagerly awaits our return

listen my heart
to the Lord's effulgent truth
that has lit up the world
with the hope of true happiness

listen my heart
to the healing sound of reality
glorifying the All-attractive One
Whose love sustains all

listen my heart
to the pure souls
who broadcast His glories
that extinguish all fear

listen my heart
to these precious revelations
of God's true lovers
that remove oceans of sorrow

listen my heart
to their vibrant song of love
that reveal our hidden treasure
of blissful selfless surrender

listen my heart
to the soothing mellow of kirtan rasa
a foretaste of eternity
which brings joy to the world

listen my heart
to that endless flow of mercy
relentlessly carrying us upwards
towards the Lord's loving embrace
(Gokulananda das ACBSP -- August 21st/07)
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