Rise Sun
by Gokulananda das

Leaving the abode of light
I’ve dwelt so long
within this shadow realm
of senseless rebellion

Obstinately pursuing
my vain independence
I’ve put my stake deeply
into the sands of oblivion

Through countless lives
I have wandered
throughout the labyrinths
of the cavern of delusions

Chasing after shadows
of vacuous pleasures
beguiled by dancing devils
of unrequited desires

I’ve worn the twisted masks
of paupers and kings
fervently seeking fame
within this comedy of fools

Exhausted I stared down
into Time’s well of sorrows
to find only deception
covering my weary heart

I could not understand
why only flickering joy and pain
could be the bitter harvest
of all my misplaced aspirations

Surely life and death’s cruel game
hid some true meaning
hidden to darkened eyes
beyond this stringent finality

Blinded by my shallowness
I failed to understand
that darkness only existed
in my own hopeless heart

That Beauty and Truth
were the wealth of the wise
who had sought the shelter
of our benevolent Master

His inscrutable plan moves us all
through all the necessary lessons
to bring us back into the light
of His guiding grace

Thus a stream of hope pierced through
to arouse my recognition
of our Lord’s patient mercy
awaiting my grateful submission

Keeping my eyes to the prize
I keep heading for the light
of His salutary revelation
to cure all my chronic ignorance

I only aspire to at last
strip away all useless envy
and stand naked in the blazing sun
of His infinite love

And bathe there forever
with awe-filled heart
in the warm splendor
of His undying service
(Gokulananda das, ACBSP, June 16th/08)
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