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by Swarup Das

The link below will take you to an article that recently resurfaced (I've been trying to locate it for a few years). It's from New York Magazine - September of 1971. It was written by Richard Levine, a freelance writer who, at the time, was submitting extraordinary articles to Newsweek on the war in Vietnam. He decided to do an in-depth report on the New York (Brooklyn) Hare Krishna community and he practically lived with the devotees for a month during the summer of 1971. During that time a wedding (between myself and my first wife, Susan, later initiated as Kanka Dasi) took place at the temple and so Levine focused much of his article on and around that event. The article was very well done and very funny. It showed the lighter and very human side of the Hare Krishna movement which, at the time, was growing into an international phenomenon. Check it out. In the photos I'm 19 years old and my wife Kanka Dasi is 20.

*Swarup Das is one of the original members of Srila Prabhupada's Krishna Consciousness Movement in New York. You can read some of his voluminous writings here: http://swarupdas.multiply.com/
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Causeless Mercy (#132)