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(Srila Prabhupada and devotees chanting on the beach)
Chanting Under the Stars
by Swarup Das

Remember nights that we would chant
Under the starlit sky
Playing kartals and mrdangas
Who could ever get that high?

We’d sing, we’d dance … with arms outstretched
Reaching up for Krishna’s grace
We were transported to a higher realm
Beyond mundane time and space

We would rock and sway with eyes half closed
Shuffling our sandaled feet
The kirtan growing more intense
With the steady pounding mrdanga beat

I wouldn’t trade a single night
Of chanting in the street
For the life and career I might have had
If my guru I did not meet

The Sankirtan movement still lives on
Where there's chanting of the Holy Name
Fulfilling Lord Chaitanya’s prophecy
To flood the world with Krishna Prem
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Causeless Mercy (#135)