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Chant (Part 3)
by Hayagriva dasa

The third part of the poem is a meditation of the transcendental body of the Spiritual Master, the mere thought of whom purifies the mind.

Part Three

May my mind seek the shelter of him
Whose lotus feet destroy kalpas of sin,
Whose feet are garlanded with flowers,
Whose feet are eternally auspicious,
Whose feet traverse the three worlds,
Whose feet dance to a thousand drums,
Whose feet appear to me in dreams,
Whose feet, I, unworthy, touch.

May my mind seek the service of him
Whose hand, electric, awakens me to life,
Whose hand points out the Vedic open road,
Whose hand opens the ancient sacred books,
Whose hand writes absolute and golden words,
Whose hand beats the mrdangas of Bengal,
Whose hand plays shining cymbals to the Lord,
Whose hand counts prayers upon a million beads,
Whose hand benedicts and fills the empty heart,
Whose hand soweth unknown seeds in the soul,
Whose hand gatherest the fruits,
Whose hand bestoweth copious gifts,
Whose hand is a hand of fire,
Whose hand pats my head as I weep.

May my mind seek the mercy of him
Whose eyes are great springs of compassion,
Whose eyes see Him behind materials,
Whose eyes strike the flame of devotion,
Whose eyes sparkle kindly with wisdom,
Whose eyes are the eyes of a child,
Whose eyes survey all in eternity,
Whose eyes are the sun and the moon,
Whose eyes close in rapt meditation,
Whose eyes have beheld the Great God,
Whose eyes are the soul and the Self.

May my mind seek the presence of him
Whose voice now disturbs my long sleeping,
Whose voice calls the true names of youth,
Whose voice chastiseth the demons,
Whose voice answers all yet is silent,
Whose voice chokes with longing and love,
Whose voice sings the mantras of praise,
Whose voice summons cows in Vaikuntha,
Whose voice Krsna and Radha must know,
Whose voice I will hear at my death.

May my mind seek the vision of him
Whose smile spreads a blissful effulgence,
Whose smile conquers legions of skeptics,
Whose smile uproots the weeds of my doubt,
Whose smile lightens the burdens of Kali,
Whose smile is worth the tears of my endless migrations,
Whose smile severs the tree with its roots above,
Whose smile dissolves my pride and illusion,
Whose smile is a downpour of mercy,
Whose smile extinguishes the blazing fire of samsara,
Whose smile draws nectar from bright seas of knowledge,
Whose smile, amidst two armies, speaks to my battle worn self.

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Causeless Mercy (#172)