O Angel of Guardian Angels
by Gopijana das

O Angel of Guardian Angels
There was for a time suffered shelter in the womb of my earthly mother
That was until 29 August 1953, with use of forceps torn forth
Eyes blinded into this world
An embodied soul with a scream, to life conditioned
An infant boy grew to a child of curiosity, not wanting to miss anything
A child grew to a man suffering still then, knowing an emptiness in the heart
There was nothing ever fullfilling, chewing the chewed, not satisfying
Leaving military life and indoctrination, the year '71, drunken and addicted
It seemed only one option existed... with gun in hand, drugs coursing
Through veins collapsing, bloody tears from eyes and ears harkened
A prayer to Lord Jesus begging, please save me, dear Lord...
An angel appeared clothed in brilliant saffron, a hand carrying scripture
Within this holy book a picture amazing, a small old man, gentle, kind of heart
A smile on his lips so pleasing... an answer to my prayer uplifting
Thank you Lord for sending your dearest Srila Prabhupada...
Fast forward sankirtan, streets of towns and villages, other souls suffering
Accepting these great books with the destiny to be shared...
Oh you devotees, Vaisnavas all, I tell the world who you are
Ranjit, Jai Hari, Radhika, Madhumati, many I do not remember
Eternally I am indebted to you for your reaching hands and searching hearts
For accepting the shelter of he, His Divine Grace A.C. Srila Prabhupada
O Angel of Guardian Angels, you have entered our hearts, giving freely
The chance to end our sufferings, you took upon yourself the sins
In the end would not deprive us your continued association this sojourn
You will eternally be in our hearts, never separate from your undeserved
Kindness, love and merciful instructions...
O Angel of Guardian Angels, my sincere prayer as time draws near
Giving up this mortal shell
Please protect us always with your kavaca and weapons in the form of the holy names
Sri Sri Radha Krsna... Sri Sri Caitanya Nityananda
Then by your promise held fast in your loving embrace without fear and suffering
We will enter that truly wonderful and holy place...
By tightly placing your lotus feet upon our humbled heads
O Angel of Guardian Angels, Your Divine Grace!

Your unworthy aspiring servant...
Gopijana das
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