Causeless Mercy (#43)
One in a Million
by Swarup Das

One day at the Brooklyn temple during my brahmacari days, I was asked to perform an arotik. The pujari who was scheduled to do it couldn't make it for some reason and I just happened to be walking down the corridor when I was approached with the desperate and urgent request. Before that time I had only performed puja twice and I was nervous about doing it. I quickly showered and changed and got ready. It was during the middle of the day and there was absolutely nobody in the temple room. When I opened the curtains I looked around and realized it was just me so I would not only be doing the puja -- but I'd be singing kirtan as well. I began chanting and going through the motions when suddenly after around ten minutes or so I heard behind me a response to my chanting of the mahamantra and a mrdanga playing. I turned around and there was Visnujana Swami.

The Radha Damodara buses had just pulled into Brooklyn and when he came into the temple he came straight in to see the Deities. We glanced at each other and it was understood without speaking that he would take over the singing to the Deities and I'd respond while finishing up the arotik ceremony. What a great feeling to see and hear him there. Whenever I went on harinama with him I felt so confident and excited. He was one in a million. Make that a billion.
(Click here for more information about Visnujana Swami.)
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