Causeless Mercy (#53)
Brotherly Love

It was 30 years ago today. The above photo was taken in my mother's backyard in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1975. My little brother, Brent (on the right) had a set of japa beads strung around his neck. We had just finished chanting Hare Krishna together.

It all started years before, after we had discovered a review of the Radha Krishna Temple Album (produced by George Harrison) in Rolling Stone magazine. Excited to hear something new and exotic, we rushed downtown to the local music store (Opus 69) and purchased a copy. We played that record every night and chanted along with the sweet transcendental songs glorifying Krsna and the spiritual master. It was the beginning of our Krsna consciousness.

After I joined the movement, Brent continued chanting on his own for some years and often loved to create devotional pictures after school hours. He keenly followed the progress of the Krishna consciousness movement, and when he heard from a fellow student in high school that Srila Prabhupada had departed from this world in 1977, tears came to his eyes. Brent has never forgotten Srila Prabhupada, and he recently posted the following words in our guest book:

"I really enjoyed browsing through your website. Although I'm not a devotee of your movement it has opened my eyes to what a great man Prabhupada was and how his teachings had a great effect on so many people."

I'm proud of my little brother, and although we're now separated by time and space, we'll always share "the Prabhupada connection."

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