He Taught Me a Lot

I think the most important thing that Tribhuvanatha Prabhu taught me is that one can serve the spiritual master in any condition of life and under any circumstances. We joined forces just after Srila Prabhupada's departure, and from then on, it was nonstop adventure and challenges. We had to quickly become self-reliant. It didn't matter if we found ourselves in a safe situation or not, or whether we had lots of association or none at all. The main thing was serving Prabhupada. Service was our lifeline. So the Middle East program was great training -- like being thrown in the water without knowing how to swim. It was sink or swim, do or die. The material world is a war zone and only the strongest survive. Tribhuvanatha was a soldier and a great older brother. I couldn't have asked for better. The war against maya isn't over, but I have a great example to remember. Krishna is very kind because He knows that I need such an example to help get me through, otherwise I would have been crushed by the material energy long ago. Who knows if I'll make it, but at least I have some hope and inspiration, thanks to Tribhuvanatha Prabhu.

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