His Magic Hand

by Gokulananda das

The dawn of awareness alightens
with fascinating glimpses
of veiled miracles
lying in humble wake
to whisper oracles of truth
within expectant hearts
longing to embrace
the soothing vision
of divine magic's evanescent touch
subtly revealed
in the child's innocent gaze
in the mother's selfless love
in the youth's search for identity
in the poet's vibrant voice
in the musician's flight on ethereal wings
in the artist's communion with beauty
in the saint's universal compassion
in every soul's search for sheltering truth
so many heartening glimpses
of His Magic Hand
weaving the effulgent tapestry
of life's ceaseless wonders
to let our souls bathe
in the ocean of His beauty
smiling in each flower
shining in every being 
so many intimations
of the Perfect Musician
Who plays His symphony of love
on the flute of our hearts
Jai Sri Krishna!
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