Let the World Hear

by Gokulananda das

Let the world hear
Of the greatest miracle ever told
Of the humble saint who walked among us
With his message pure and bold

Sent from the highest realm
To deliver the Yuga-dharma
He changed the course of history
By spreading the sacred Hari Nama

His Divine Grace came to show us
How to live successfully
By fulfilling our real potential
Through the art of living divinely

He opened our dull eyes
To material life's fragile finality
Inspiring us to seek connection
With the ultimate causality

He gave us the constant support
Of his unconditional love
And opened up the floodgates
of Gaura-kripa from above

His pure example inspired so many
To seek the highest treasure
Of our heart's forgotten desire
To serve Lord Krishna's pleasure

His complete dedication to Guru and Krishna
Gave our hearts an uplifting motion
To follow in his footsteps
Down the luminous path of pure devotion

He delivered to all mankind
The great Bhagavata revolution
By firmly proclaiming that divine service
Is the only sure solution

A new hope he gave mankind
With the ultimate good news
That God is our dearmost Friend
Whose loving shelter we can choose 

Through this blessed revelation
The whole world can now learn
Of Sri Govinda's everlasting love
For which we all so yearn

He traveled the whole world
To broadcast the sound of reality
And liberate our polluted minds
From Maya's senseless cacophony

He sent his Sankirtan army
Into Kali's citadels of sin
Armed with the deep conviction
By true faith surely they would win

He asked us to help him fulfill
The sacred order of his guru
To distribute his luminous books
The matchless gifts from Mahaprabhu

His potent pure association
Through his vani he bestows
Working his unseen miracles
Only the Lord truly knows

As the Sankirtan wave of love
Inundates suffering mankind
Their grateful prayers will rise
And untold sorrows left behind

So let the whole world hear
Again and again the epic story
Of Srila Prabhupada's perfect life
And his imperishable glory

Gokulananda das ACBSP

(June 26/07 ISKCON Vancouver)
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