Sri Kartamasayi
Ottawa, Canada
"My conclusion is, therefore that You are the Supreme Soul, Absolute Truth, and the supreme original person; and although You have expanded Yourself in many Visnu forms, or in living entities and energies, by Your inconceivable transcendental potencies, You are the supreme one without a second, You are the supreme Supersoul. The innumerable living entities are simply like sparks of the original fire. Your Lordship, the conception of the Supersoul as impersonal is wrongly accepted because I see that You are the original person. A person with a poor fund of knowledge my think that, because You are the son of Maharaj Nanda, You are not the original person, that You are born just like a human being. They are mistaken. You are the actual original person; that is my conclusion. In spite of Your being the son of Nanda, You are the original person, and there is no doubt about it. You are the Absolute Truth, and You are not of this material darkness."
(Krsna Book, Chapter 14, Prayers Offered by Lord Brahma to Lord Krsna)
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