Sri Madan Mohan
New Gokula Dhama, Vancouver, Canada
"This Krishna consciousness movement is completely authorized from Vedic principles. In the Bhagavad-gita Krishna says, 'The actual aim of Vedic research is to find out Krishna.' In the Brahma-samhita it is also stated, 'Krishna, Govinda, has innumerable forms, but they are all one.' They are not like our forms, which are fallible. His form is infallible. My form has a beginning, but His form has no beginning. It is ananta. And His form -- so many multiforms -- has no end. My form is sitting here and not in my apartment. You are sitting there and not in your apartment. But  Krishna can be everywhere at one time. He can sit down in Goloka ̣Vrindavana, and at the same time He is everywhere, all-pervading. He is original, the oldest, but whenever you look at a picture of Krishna you'll find a young boy fifteen or twenty years old. You will never find an old man. You have seen pictures of Krishna as a charioteer from the Bhagavad-gita. At that time He was not less than one hundred years old. He had great-grandchildren, but He looked just like a boy. Krishna, God, never becomes old. That is His supreme power. And if you want to search out Krishna by studying the Vedic literature, then you will be baffled. It may be possible, but it is very difficult. But you can very easily learn about Him from His devotee. His devotee can deliver Him to you: 'Here He is, take Him.' That is the potency of Krishna's devotees."
(Sri Isopanisad, Introduction)

(*Special thanks to Jaya Govinda Prabhu for his beautiful Deity photos from New Gokula Dhama.)
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