Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan
New Gokula Dhama, Vancouver, Canada
"This is meditation. These hatha-yogis, they meditate in their impersonal feature, but our meditation, Vaisnava, devotees' meditation is very easy. For the hatha-yogis, they have to select place, asana. Dhyana, dharana, asana... Asana is also one of the activities. But here, in Vaisnava philosophy, you are seeing the Deity always, at least daily, so you have got some impression that 'Our temple Deity is like this.' That impression, either you are sitting in one place without any activities, sthitam vrajantam... While walking on the street also, you can think of this Deity. There is no difficulty, either you are sitting or you are walking or you are standing, any way. Because the mind is there in Krishna, in Krishna's form. Therefore Deity worship is so essential for the neophyte. He can have always the opportunity to think of the Supreme Lord by the impression of the Deity within the mind. Sayanam. Even in lying down, even talking."

(Srila Prabhupada lecture, Nairobi, October 29, 1975)
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