Sri Madan Mohan
New Gokula Dhama, Vancouver, Canada
"Lord Caitanya then sang a nice song about the opulences of Krishna, and Sanatana Gosvami listened. 'All the pastimes of Krishna are exactly like the activities of human beings,' the Lord sang. 'Therefore it is to be understood that His form is like that of a human being. Indeed, a human being is but an imitation of His form. Krishna's dress is just like that of a cowherd boy's. He has a flute in His hand, and He seems to be just like a newly grown youth. He is always playful, and He plays just like an ordinary boy.' Lord Caitanya then told Sanatana Gosvami about the beautiful aspects of Krishna. He said that one who understands these beautiful qualities enjoys an ocean of nectar. The yogamaya potency of Krishna is transcendental and beyond the material energy, but the Lord exhibits His transcendental potency even within this material world just to satisfy His confidential devotees. Thus He appears in the material world to satisfy His devotees, and His qualities are so attractive that Krishna Himself becomes eager to understand Himself. When He is fully decorated and stands with His body curved in three ways -- His eyebrows always moving and His eyes so attractive -- the gopis become enchanted. His spiritual abode is at the top of the spiritual sky, and He resides there with His associates, the cowherd boys, the gopis, and all the goddesses of fortune. It is there that He is known as Madana-mohana."

(Teachings of Lord Caitanya, Chapter 9)
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