Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan
New Gokula Dhama, Vancouver, Canada
"So Krishna consciousness means to be rightly situated in the original consciousness that we are all sons of God, Krishna. We have got eternal relationship with Him and He is the richest, the most opulent. As a rich man's son has no scarcity, no want, everything is supplied amply. Just like the Americans, they are... American or many other Western countries, the young men, they belong to a rich nation, so practically they have no want. But still why they are becoming hopeless and confused? Because this material want is not all. There is spiritual want. Unless that spiritual want is fulfilled, unless that spiritual relationship is reestablished, nobody can be happy. So in order to make us happy, Krishna says that 'Begin with little flower, little water, or little fruit, and try to offer Me.'"

(Srila Prabhupada lecture, Montreal, August 17, 1968)

(*Special thanks to Jaya Govinda Prabhu for his beautiful Deity photos from New Gokula Dhama, Vancouver, Canada.)
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