Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara
New Raman Reti Dhama, Alachua, Florida
Radha-Krishna Bol
(from Gitavali)
by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

radha-krishna’ bol bol bolo re sobai
(ei) shikha diya, sab nadiya
phirche nece’ gaura-nitai

"Chant, chant 'Radha-Krishna!' Everyone chant! When Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda came dancing through Nadia, They gave these teachings: Chant, chant 'Radha-Krishna!' Everyone chant!"

(miche) mayar boshe, jaccho bhese’,
khaccho habuòubu, bhai

"You are caught up in a whirlpool of senseless action and are sinking lower and lower. Chant, chant 'Radha-Krishna!' Everyone chant!"

(jiv) krishna-das, e bishwas,
korle to’ ar duhkho nai

"If you just understand that the spirit soul is the eternal servant of Krishna, you will never have any more sorrows."

(krishna) bolbe jabe, pulak ha’be
jhorbe ankhi, boli tai

"Chant Hare Krishna and your eyes will fill with tears and your body will feel transcendental shivering. Chant, chant 'Radha-Krishna!' Everyone chant!"

(‘radha) krishna’ bolo, sange calo,
ei-matra bhikha cai

"Simply chant 'Radha-Krishna' and join with us. Those are the only alms we beg. Chant, chant 'Radha-Krishna!' Everyone chant!"

(jay) sakal’bipod bhaktivinod
bole, jakhon o-nam gai

"All dangers will be gone when that Name is chanted, says Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Chant, chant 'Radha-Krishna!' Everyone chant!"
(Radha-Krishna Bol, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura)

*Special thanks to Mallika dasi for her beautiful Deity photos from New Raman Reti Dhama.
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