Jagannatha Deities
New Jagannatha Puri, Berkeley, California
"Prema pumartho mahan. Our greatest success of life is how to love God, Krishna. That is greatest success. Now you can do it. But there is prescribed method, given by great acaryas. Just like in this temple we are doing. We are timely giving. The atheist will say, 'Oh, these are so foolish that they are taking so much labor for preparing food and offering and wasting time. Best thing would have been to go to some club and enjoy wine and playing cards.' They'll waste time in that way, but when... We are not wasting, but they say we are wasting time. They will criticize. You see? They are prepared to waste time in a brothel, but if people are sitting nicely in a temple and talking of Krishna, serving Krishna, they will laugh. That is our position. So we have to become callous to all these criticisms. We have to go with our business, Krishna consciousness. That's all."

(Srila Prabhupada lecture, Los Angeles, July 5, 1971)

*Special thanks to Anandamaya das for his beautiful Deity photos from New Jagannatha Puri Dhama.
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