"Regarding your inquiry about deities, I have just this minute finished a letter to Kausalya dasi who is presently in Jaipur to purchase many sets of deities for our centers around the world. I have instructed her to remain there and fill all the orders for all our centers which may request such murtis, including dresses, ornaments, jewels, flutes, etc. In Jaipur they make the very best white and black marble deities anywhere, along with all paraphernalia such as dresses and ornaments.

"So I think this is good opportunity to write to her immediately and place your order. The deities are usually from 40" to 48" in height, including base. I have instructed her to collect money from the many local rich men for purchasing deities, so she will do that. But you may also send some money towards this buying of many pairs of deities.

"They will be packed in heavy crates, tightly packed in cotton, and will be shipped by ship from Bombay harbor. The shipping will be free by a special arrangement. Everything considered, it will probably take at least 2 to 3 months to receive the deities in Toronto, or maybe little sooner.

"It appears it is Krishna's desire to come to Toronto at this time!"
(Srila Prabhupada letter, December 21, 1971)

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