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"No one can appreciate the beauty of Krishna by properly discharging his occupational duty, or by austerities, mystic yoga, cultivation of knowledge or by prayers. Only those who are on the transcendental platform of love of God, who out of love engage in devotional service, can appreciate the transcendental beauty of Krishna. Such beauty is the essence of all opulences and is only appreciated in Goloka Vrrndavana and nowhere else. In the form of Narayaṇa the beauties of mercy, fame, etc., are all established by Krishna, but Krishna's gentleness and magnanimity do not exist in Narayaṇa. They are found only in Krishna."

(Teachings of Lord Caitanya, Chapter 10)

*Thanks to Gary Paterson for helping us to appreciate the transcendental beauty of Madan Mohan.

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Sri Madan Mohan
New Gokula Dhama, Vancouver, Canada (1978)
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