"My son Daniel (Sravanananda dasa) entered the Hare Krishna movement almost five years ago… I would say that the movement has given a discipline and deep meaning to my son's life. I do not forget that this movement is not all things to all people, but to my son it is fulfilling and beautiful. In our minds (my husband's and mine) we compare our son’s life to the life of a Catholic, monk or a religious Jew in a Hassidic sect.

"Do I think that my son is brainwashed? I can best answer this by asking the question, 'Is our very society not being brainwashed daily by the advertising media (liquor and cigarette ads) and pornographic movies and literature?'. And what about the children who are being 'educated' by the violence and killing on television? I prefer that my son is devoting his life to the love of God and the service of humanity—a rare endeavor in this age. And since I know that my son has voluntarily chosen the Hare Krishna movement to exercise these rights, and that he can leave it whenever he wishes, I cannot see how the term 'brainwashing' can be applicable to this movement. I sincerely believe from my contacts with many devotees that they are happy and have found fulfillment by loving and serving Lord Krishna (God). This may not be my wish for my life, but my son has chosen it for his, and I wholeheartedly respect it."

(Mrs. Polly Perlmutter, Back to Godhead magazine, February 1977)

Please note: A photo of Mrs. Rose Forkash—Rajani-priya devi dasi—was incorrectly posted here for one day and has now been removed. Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience.
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Do I Think My Son Is Brainwashed?

By Mrs. Polly Perlmutter