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In the cold winter months of January and February of 1966, Srila Prabhupada lived in a rear windowless room at Dr. Ramamurti Mishra's yoga studio on the fifth floor of the above building in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Every day Srila Prabhupada had to walk several blocks to Dr. Mishra's residence to bathe and cook his meals. The following excerpts from Prabhupada's diary clearly demonstrate the extent of his struggles during the early days when he had little money or support. But Srila Prabhupada was determined to fulfill the order of his spiritual master to preach Krishna consciousness in the English speaking world despite all inconveniences.

Sunday 20 February

  Today Mr. Banerji did not come Cohen and Salak came.
  Introduction to Geetopanishad recorded two sides 3 three Hours
  (This later became the Introduction to Bhagavad-gita As It Is.)
  No expenditure

Monday 21 February

  Todays meeting was attended by greater number of members than other days. The liked the Introduction record very much. Some of them brought fruits for me and Mrs. Leblanc paid $3.00.
  No letter received no expenditure made.
  A great inconvenience was caused today by oozing out of dirty water from the sink. It spoiled all the mattresses on the floor. the Supdt was informed but he could not help. He said he would report the matter in the office.

Tuesday 22 February

  The report of the sink disturbance is informed in writing to the Landlord's office. Today being holiday the office of the Landlord was closed. Letter not delivered.
  I went to see the house at Brooklyn with Babakhanian. The house is not suitable for my purpose.
  In the evening there was meeting up to 9/30 pm.

Wednesday 23 February

  Today the inspector of landlord came to see the sink and he will send plumber tomorrow.
  Meeting was held the collection $6.00.
  Expenditure Bus fare to Times Sq. .30.
  Mrs. Leblanc took away the tape-record for writing Introduction to Geetopanishad.
  International Institute of God Consciousness*. Today signed by the floating members.
  Vegetables -.30
  Today no letter received.

Thursday 24 February

  Letter from Pandya Captain received.
  Income $1.00 No expenditure.
  One young man came from Down Town Mr. Robert*. The Samkirtan record was played. He liked it.
  The Plumber did not turn up.

Friday 25 February

  The following letters received
  1. From Teertha Maharaj
  2. From the Nepal Permanent Commission
  3. From Brindaban*.
  4. From United States Navigation Co.
  The following letters despatched.
  1. To Mr. Prem Gandhi
  2. To Sally Agarwal.
  3. Brindaban's letter replied.
  Went to Ananda Ashram Monroe
  The Plumber did not turn up.
  No expenses.

Saturday 26 February

  The whole day and night remained at Ananda Ashram. Kirtan demonstration was given Dr. Mishra appreciated it very much. Next morning also invited.
  No expense.

Sunday 27 February

  The whole day remained at Ananda Ashram Monroe. Kirtan demonstration in the morning. Record was taken by Mr. Bill. But it was not successful. In the evening returned. No letter received. Kirtan performed. Neena Gordon attended. Plumber did not come. One torn suitcase brought by Neena. Clothes put into it. Nice.
  No income. No expenditure.

Monday 28 February

  Engagement with the First Secretary of Permanent Commission of Nepal State to the United Nations at 2 pm.
  Saw the First Secretary Mr. Kedar P. Kairala and it is hopeful. He will let me know very soon.
  Expenditure Bus fare.30
  Income -$1.00
  one letter received from Bon Maharaj
  one letter " " Atmasingh*
  Atmasingh's letter replied.

Tuesday 1 March

  Saw the India office for extention passport and saw Mr. L. L. Mehotra. Saw also Mr. Bogart. Still hopeful. Received letter from Secretary of Indian Prime Minister. Disappointing.

  Received letter from Universal book not encouraging.
  Butter & Bus fare etc.

Wednesday 2 March

  Today in the morning I went to see Mr. L. L. Mehotra in connection with renewal of Passport after June 1966. The application with letter of forwarding submitted. Extention up to 30th June 1966 already allowed. It is referred to New Delhi and by confirmation from there the Passport will be renewed at least for one year more.
  Expenditure Bus fare.30
  Dr. Mishra gave me a pot for drinking milk.
  Chandra Sekhar sent a letter for seeing the Passport office in New Delhi to
  expedite the reply.
  Income Contribution -$3.00
  Robert brought some whole wheat Flour. Cohen brought the Samkirtan picture. There were some defects. So taken back for rectification.
  Cohen brought one cotton jersey for me. Thanks.

Thursday 3 March

Today Ekadasi observed. No letter received. In the evening only two visitors came. There were some topics on the meditation yoga.
  Expenditure. Bootpolish & lace .46.
  Income contribution $1.00.
  Dr. Mishra wanted my kirtan in his meetings. I am considering the proposal. The situation is adverse. Let me first of all see how they receive it in the Ananda.
  Jones presented me a copper cup. Very nice. Thanks.

Friday 4 March

  Today one letter sent to Boyd Compton of the Rockefeller Foundation asking him Exchange Cooperation. Meals taken at Dr. Mishra's.
  Income $9.00. Contribution and books.
  No expenditure.

Saturday 5 March

  Today I have sent one letter to the Secretary Salvation Army, 14th St. West N.Y. for exchange.
  At 2 o'clock went to Ananda Ashram. Kirtan was performed in the evening. Very much appreciated.
  Night passed at Ananda.
  Yolanda* gave me a calendar.
  No expenditure.

Sunday 6 March

  Sunrise at 6/30. Sunset at 5/53 Moon rise at 5/28 Full Moon 8/46 pm.*
  Today whole day passed at Monroe Ananda Ashram. In the morning there was kirtan and it was very much appreciated.
  Returned from Monroe at 6 pm.
  Talked with Mr. Majid of Tehran (Iran). Interested in spiritual rejuvenation of the world. Took lesson for more than one and a half hour.
  According to Mayapur Panjika* today is Adhivas day of Gour Purnima. Devotees at Vrindaban and Nabadwipa are enjoying the celebration. I am here alone without any devotee companion. But I have come here to serve the Lord and not for personal happiness. I am prepared to live in hell even if I am able to serve the Lord. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu wanted that His mission should be propagated all over the world and that is my objective. I do not mind the inconvenience personally felt.
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