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(Calcutta riots)

Prabhupāda: I had some experience in my childhood, in 1911. I was thirteen years old. There was a riot. So our house was there in Mahatma Gandhi Road, and all sides Muhammadans. We are simply... The Mulliks and our house are simply some respectable men. Otherwise it was surrendered by... That is called Kwalabala and basti (Kalabagan basti). All Muhammadans, back side fully Muhammadans. So the riot was there, and I went to play. There is a square, Market (Marcus) Square. So I did not know the riot has taken place. I was coming home. So one of my class friends said that "You do not go to your house. That side is rioting now." So because we are in the Muhammadan quarter, this fighting between two parties, that was going on. It is usual. So I thought it may be like that, that two guṇḍās (hooligans) are fighting. I have seen. One guṇḍā is stabbing the other guṇḍā, I have seen. And they are pickpockets. When you are passing they would... I have seen, he is pickpocketing. And they were our neighbor men. So I thought, "It must be like that. This is going on." But when I came the crossing of Mahatma Gandhi... At that time Harrison Road it was. Harrison Road and Holi... Holiday... Halliday Street, yes. So one shop was being plundered, putamat-putamat-putamat... (indistinct)

So I was child, a boy. I became, "What is this happening?" In the meantime all, my father, mother, members: "Oh, the child has not come." They became so mad, they came out of home expecting, "Wherefrom the child will come?" So what could I do? When I saw, then I began to run towards our house, and one Muhammadan, he wanted to kill me. He took his lāṭhi (stick), and actually... But I passed through, some way or other. I was saved. So as soon as I came before our gate they got their life. So without speaking anything I went to the bedroom, and it was in the month of... It is winter. So I... Without saying anything I laid down, wrapping myself with quilt. So at that time I was rising: "Is it ended? The riot is ended?" I was asking. I remember. So I would have been killed in that riot. So I have got experience of this riot. That is the first riot in Calcutta, in 1911.

Devotee: We haven't had any such experience.

Setterji: I was passing on my car after Pakistan from Laul, and they put bomb, hand grenade, and the back glass broken, but we...

Prabhupāda: Saved. Kṛṣṇa saved, actually. Unless Kṛṣṇa saves, who can? So I had the experience of riot in Calcutta in my childhood.

(Srila Prabhupada Room Conversation, Bombay, January 3, 1977)
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Krishna Saved Me