(Click to enlarge photo of devotees on harinama sankirtana, 1969)

"By Krishna's Grace, everything is gradually coming to the fulfillment of my dream. The Sankirtana party is walking in the streets and is getting good response, from the public. They are selling Back To Godhead nicely, and getting good sympathy from the public by considerable collections. We are not after collecting money, but when people offer something out of love and sympathy for our mission, it becomes a great asset. I am sure if you all my beloved disciples combined together try to preach Krishna Consciousness in this spirit, Krishna will give the necessary strength. By the Grace of Krishna and the Spiritual Master, the dumb man can speak like a great orator, and a lame man can cross over a great mountain. So we must have the necessary unflinching faith in Krishna and Spiritual Master, and the strength will be supplied by Krishna. After all, anything which we experience is but a fraction of the unlimited energy of Krishna. And even by fragmental touch of such spiritual energy of the Lord, we can make our life successful."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, September 28, 1968)
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