Your ever well-wisher
Letters from Srila Prabhupada #12
1st form No-1. 1st January 1955.
The circular letter addressing as 'Dear Brother'
to be sent along with the Prospectus by
book Post
2nd letter on receipt of the reply of the 1st
circular letter.
(For inner members who are willing to live with us for spiritual upliftment)

Dear Brothers,

I am very much glad that you are willing to live with us. As already informed we have no restriction for admitting inner members, so far nationality, caste and creed are concerned. But the inner members will have to abide by the following rules, which are necessary as basic principles for spiritual upliftment. The inner members will not have

(1)  illegitimate connection with women.

(2)  He shall not be addicted to intoxicating habit. No member shall be allowed to smoke, chewing betel, drink tea etc. inside the house.

(3)  He must be satisfied with 'Prasadam' which will be served to him & must be strictly vegetarian. No inner member shall be allowed to eat fish, meat, eggs, onions, etc.

(4)  The inner member shall not indulge in unnecessary indoor or outdoor games, sporting or gambling habit. The nominal boarding charges is Rs 25/=. No charges for lodging.

(5)  The inner member must enroll himself as regular member in the A. B. or C. Category. Members with voting power will have to pay the scheduled monthly subscriptions. The lowest rate of subscription is Rs 10/= per month. Any one unable to pay the membership fee may apply for free membership or lesser subscription for consideration of the Board of Executive members. The executive committee can decide on it.

(6)  The inner member is requested to rise early in the morning before sun-rise and finish his morning duties for inner cleanliness. And after finishing such duties, he will have to attend 'Mangalaratric' service to be held in the temple of 'Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu & Radha Govinda.'

(7)  The inner members will be served with Prasadam after 'Mangalaratric' (mostly some milk-preparation).

(8)  After partaking the 'Managalaratrik' Prasadam, he shall attend the morning class of 'Path Kirtan' in which chanting the holy name of God along with musical instruments, will be sung before and after reading of 'Srimad Bhagwat Geeta' 'Bhagbatam' etc. This function will continue from 6 to 8 in the morning.

(9)  After this a cup of milk along with other foodstuff will be served to the inner members as break fast.

(10)  After breakfast the member can devote himself, for studying book in this connection which will be supplied to him by the League.

(11)  At eleven noon, the 'Bhogaratric' service will be done in the temple and the members will be requested to attend this ceremony after
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bath, _________.

(12)  Just after 'Bhogaratrik' function, the members will be served with 'Prasadam' which will consist of the following items: (1) Rice,
(2) Dal, (3) Chappatis with ghee (4) 2 curry
(5) Bhija (6) Khicheries (7) __________
(8) Sauces (9) Pampar (10) miscellaneous.

(13)  After taking 'Prasadam' in the noon the member may take rest from one to three in the after noon.

(14)  At three in the after noon there will again be 'Baikali' ceremony in the temple which the members will be requested to attend. And again at the end of the 'Baikali' ceremony at about 4, the members shall be served with Prasadam consisting of a cup of milk and some fruits.

(15)  The member shall then attend the Path Kirtan class from 5 to 7 in the evening as is done in the morning.

(16)  From 7 to 8 pm there will be 'Sandhyaratrik' ceremony in the temple & the members will be requested to attend to this.

(17)  At nine in the night, there will be again Bhogaratric ceremony which members will be requested to attend. After this 'Prasadam' will be served consisting of chappatis or rice with dal, currys & some milk preparation at the end.

(18)  From 10 to 4 at night the members shall take rest for the night.

(19)  After six months of living or earlier as the case may be the members will be expected to be initiated in the devotional service of Theism or Vaishnavaism.

(20)  For such initiation the member will have to accept 'Diksha' according to the rules of the Goswamins & just become a qualified 'Brahmin.'

(21)  Initiated members shall observe the 'Ekadashi Brata' twice in a month and on that day he will be allowed to take only fruits and none of the cereals.

(22)  Initiated members shall adhere his body with the marks of Vaisnavism.

(23)  He shall chant the holy name of God sytematically & regularly according to the rules of the Goswamins.

(24)  He shall try to worship in the temple after learning the art from another co-worker. The initiated member is converted & accepted as bonafide Brahmin & thus he can enter the temple.

(25)  He may enhance his spiritual education taking lessons from Geeta, Bhagwat, Science of Devotion, Lord Chaitanya etc. and prepare for the examination of Bhakti-Shastra, Bhaktisid- dhanta, Bhaktivedanta etc.

(26) If he desires to be a preacher, he will be trained up in that way & will be given the titles of ______ ______ ____________ according to preaching capacity.

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