Your ever well-wisher
Letters from Srila Prabhupada #14
Dear Brother,

I am in due receipt of your kind enquiry and I am glad that you wish to become a member of the League of Devotees for learning the science & techniques of Theism or spiritualism of the highest standard. The Prospectus is enclosed herewith please find and decide for yourself for becoming a permanent member of this noble institution.

The membership fees are mentioned below which is the extract from the League's registered rules and regulations.

Rule 1. "The general body of the League will consist of members of the four orders of life namely (a) Brahmacaries (b) Grihasthas (c) Vanaprasthas (d) Sanyasis or "Tyagis."

Rule 4. "The members will be of three classes defined as class A, B and C in accordance with the membership fees paid. (a) Those who will contribute Rs 500/= and above per month will belong to the 'A' class. (b) Those who will contribute Rs 50/= and above per month will belong to the 'B' class. (c) Those who will contribute Rs 10/= and above per month will belong to the 'C' class."

Rule 16. "Every member is entitled to one vote either in person or by proxy at a general meeting held for its elections of the members of the Executive Committee or for any other purposes."

If you think yourself unable to pay either of the above mentioned membership fees per month, then you can apply for free membership or for a lesser value of monthly subscription for consideration of the Executive Committee, who will decide on the subject.

But if you become preacher member, in that case you will have to pay once Rs 10/= only for the degree of "Bhakti Shastry" which will be awarded to you by registered certifcate of degree for your becoming preaching member of the League and doing the necessary preaching work on behalf of the League. The preaching work is conducted as follows:

(1) As soon as you get the certificate of degree of "Bhakti Shastry" at once you become a bona fide preacher of this institution and for this you will have to read the "Bhagwat Geeta' regularly.

(2) As you go on reading "Bhagwat Geeta" questions will arise in your mind for so many teachings in that Book & you are at liberty to ask us for answers of those questions which will be replied to you very clearly for your understanding.

(3) Some of the general questions are already answered in different pamphlets & one of them is sent herewith for example and for your understanding.

(4) These questions & answers you will have to preach to others, so that both yourself and your audience will be benefitted in that process.

(5) If you cannot go to others outside your hearth & home, you can do the preaching work amongst your family members only and in this
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meeting your other friends, neighbours & relatives also can join.

(6) Hold this meeting regularly for one hour in your home or any other suitable place near about your home, and chant the hymns or slokas of 'Bhagwat Geeta' with reverence & devotion. If possible the reading of Bhagwat Geeta may be preceeded & followed by a congregation chanting of the holy name of God as mentioned below -- Hare Krishna .  .  .  . Hare Hare.

(7) Now relevant questions that may be arising out in the meeting may either be answered relevantly & just according to the authority of "Bhagwat Geeta." But if it is found difficult the question may at once be referred to us and it will be very nicely and clearly answered by us for clear understanding of all concerned.

(8) Some of the audience also may be interested in becoming a preaching worker of this League & we shall be glad to sustain him in the same way as we shall be dealing with you. We are interested more in preaching members than in the sleeping members.

The motto of preaching shall always be aimed at the ultimate goal of life. The ultimate goal of life is to re-establish our lost relation with Godhead who is the Absolute Whole, and we all living entities are His parts and parcels.

We have forgotten our relation with Godhead from time immemorial by somehow or other & due to our forgetfulnes of the relation, we are roaming life after life in different species of bodies which are 84 lacs in number. This process of transmigration from one body to another after death is a _______ of disease of the living entity & the chance of curing the disease is possible very effectively in this human form of life.

The value of this human form of life is therefore immense and a moment lost of this life means a loss of immense value. Do not therefore neglect the time that you have been allotted by the laws of Nature and utilize it fully -- not in the matter of animal life but in human life. Eating, sleeping, fearing & sense gratifying process are meant for the animal portion of our life, but as human being we have got the special prerogative for searching out the cause of our threefold miseries & to rectify it in this very life without any further loss of time.

The League of Devotees stand to serve the humanity in this spirit & the preaching member's cooperation in this noble act of human behavior will reciprocally benefit both the League and its preaching members.

The highest benefit that is possible to do the humanity is this act of preaching for receiving the Divine Consciousness of the living being. By doing so, we do not only send a living entity back to home & back to Godhead but at the same time we ourselves also go back to home back to Godhead. Rise up to the occasion of this preaching work & be a real benefactor to the people in general & your family members in particular.

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