Our Only Shelter is Krishna
Prabhupāda: So we have to be very careful. The age is very bad, the Kali-yuga. You are experiencing. We have to simply take shelter of Kṛṣṇa and always cry,

kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, he!
kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, he!
kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, rakṣa mām!
kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, pāhi mām!
kṛṣṇa, keśava, kṛṣṇa, keśava, kṛṣṇa, keśava, rakṣa mām!
rāma rāghava, rāma rāghava, rāma rāghava, pāhi mām!

Like that, as Caitanya Mahāprabhu taught us. The time is very dangerous. And still, in this dangerous time... Just like in epidemic condition where every people is being contaminated and dying, still, the doctors appointed by the government, they have to go into the epidemic area and try to treat the person and save them. Our duty is like that. The whole atmosphere is epidemic, whole atmosphere, this Kali-yuga. And still, by the superior orders we have to preach this Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement. Therefore our only shelter is Kṛṣṇa. Kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, kṛṣṇa, rakṣa mām. Very dangerous position. The foolish people, they are thinking that "We are very happy and we are very safe." But nobody is safe. Nobody is safe. So we have to deal with persons very carefully, and at the same time, we have to push our missionary activities. Aho kaṣṭaṁ dharma-dṛśām.

So they are saying, dharma-dṛśāṁ sabhām, sabhā, sabhām adharmaḥ spṛśate: "If in the court of justice these false things are bribing and without money nobody can get justice, these things happen, it becomes very troublesome."

aho kaṣṭaṁ dharma-dṛśām
adharmaḥ spṛśate sabhām
yatrādaṇḍyeṣv apāpeṣu
daṇḍo yair dhriyate vṛthā

Sabhāṁ yatra sabhāyam, vaidharma dhigbhiḥ esam tan saha. "If the people who are administering justice, they become irreligious, impious, oh, how troublesome situation!" is the first acclamation. Then he says,

prajānāṁ pitaro ye ca
śāstāraḥ sādhavaḥ samāḥ
yadi syāt teṣu vaiṣamyaṁ
kaṁ yānti śaraṇaṁ prajāḥ

"The citizens, they are just like innocent children, and the government is to be supposed as the father. So small children, they are completely dependent on father with full faith: 'My father is there. My mother is there.' And if the father and mother become contaminated, then where is the position of the children?" If the whole government is polluted, then what is the position of the citizens? Just see. There is so-called government, millions of rupees they are spending and taking salary, government house, but the prajā, they have no security for their life income. Just see the position. So that is said here. Prajānāṁ pitaro ye ca śāstāraḥ sādhavaḥ samāḥ. How impartial they should be, how competent they should be to give protection to the citizens. And if they are polluted, if they are incapable and such government is there, then it is just like... Yadi syāt teṣu vaiṣamyaṁ kaṁ yānti śaraṇaṁ prajāḥ. Then what is the condition of the citizens? Where they will go for protection?

That is the position now. This is called Kali-yuga. They have no other shelter. Now, these people are so frightened of their life and property; still, they cannot go to the... But it will happen in this age. Ācchinna-dāra-draviṇā gacchanti giri-kānanam. Due to this rascal government people will be so much embarrassed that ācchinna-dāra-draviṇāḥ: they will be separated from their wife, children, and money, and they will go to the forest. This will happen. They will go to the forest. Nobody wants to leave the company of wife, children, and property, but people will be forced. Just like we have seen already in the time of partition, the Muslims and Hindus. The Hindus were going away, and the Muslims were also going away. Nobody was happy, but the partition was made, and this was accepted as India's independence. This is called māyā. They are going to be more dependent, more and more, and still, it was accepted as independence.

yad yad ācarati śreyān
itaras tat tad īhate
sa yat pramāṇaṁ kurute
lokas tad anuvartate

If the head..., the heads of the society, whatever they do, general people follow them. Yad yad ācarati śreyān. Śreyān means the leading personality. Yad yad ācarati śreyān itaras tat tad īhate. And the general public, they follow them. Sa yat pramāṇaṁ kurute. What the leaders accept as good, the general public they also accept so. Sa yat pramāṇaṁ kurute lokas tad anuvartate. Pitaraḥ. Pitṛ iva pālakaḥ. Now, here the government or the king is compared with the father. That is the position of father. Just like a father will never tolerate the killing of his child before him. He will give his own life. He will try to attack that person who has killed his child and give his own life: "I do not like to live." That is the position of government. But they are silent. They're silent. This is Kali-yuga. Sa yat pramāṇaṁ kurute lokas tad anuvartate.

yasyāṅke śira ādhāya
lokaḥ svapiti nirvṛtaḥ
svayaṁ dharmam adharmaṁ vā
na hi veda yathā paśuḥ

Just like if you put your head on some friend's lap and you sleep very nicely without any care, but the man on whose lap you are putting your head, if he is ungrateful—he is not faithful; he wants to cut your throat—then what is your position? This is going on.

(Srila Prabhupada Lecture, Calcutta, January 6, 1971)

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