Qualities of Srimati Radharani

"Srimati Radharani has twenty-five transcendental qualities, but She can control even Krsna by them. Her transcendental qualities are as follows:

(1) She is sweetness personified;
(2) She is a fresh young girl;
(3) Her eyes are always moving;
(4) She is always brightly smiling;
(5) She possesses all auspicious marks on Her body;
(6) She can agitate Krsna by the flavor of Her person;
(7) She is expert in the art of singing;
(8) She can speak very nicely and sweetly;
(9) She is expert in presenting feminine attractions;
(10) She is modest and gentle;
(11) She is always very merciful;
(12) She is transcendentally cunning;
(13) She knows how to dress nicely;
(14) She is always shy;
(15) She is always respectful;
(16) She is always patient;
(17) She is very grave;
(18) She is enjoyed by Krsna;
(19) She is always situated on the highest devotional platform;
(20) She is the abode of love of the residents of Gokula;
(21) She can give shelter to all kinds of devotees;
(22) She is always affectionate to superiors and inferiors;
(23) She is always obliged by the dealings of Her associates;
(24) She is the greatest amongst Krsna's girl friends;
(25) She always keeps Krsna under Her control."
(Teachings of Lord Caitanya, Chapter 14)
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