(Sri Govinda in Lithuania)

"This is the way of nature here. You cannot keep anything fresh always. So, so long Krishna or God is present, or His representative is present, the affairs of the world go very nicely. But as soon as they disappear again the same system begins, dwindling. Just like so long the sun is there, there is no darkness, but as soon as the sun is away from your sight, at once the darkness comes. Because the whole atmosphere is darkness. It is by artificial means or by arrangement of God we are keeping it light. This room, if at once the electric fails, oh, it will be dark, because its nature is darkness. Its nature is darkness. Therefore Vedas say, 'Don't keep yourself in this darkness. Just get out of this. Come to the light.' Tamasi ma jyotir gama... Just come to the light. That is spiritual kingdom. So Krishna comes to give you information of that spiritual kingdom, that 'Life is like this.' Just like Krishna displayed at Vrndavana. Everyone is happy, enjoying. So He displays the spiritual life to attract you. So our business should be to be attracted by Him and prepare ourself to go back to Godhead, go back to home. Not that because Krishna came here, He has left some instruction, we shall stick here. You must give up this idea. Krishna gives you opportunity how you can live peacefully here. But that does not mean that you make your permanent settlement here. Then you are doomed. You take the advantage of Krishna's instruction and prepare yourself so that tyaktva deham punar janma naiti... after leaving this body, no more coming here. Bas. You go. You are transferred to Krishnaloka. We should prepare in that way. That is the solution of problem. Otherwise, if you want to live in this material world, this nature is like that. Bhutva bhutva praliyate. It is manifested at a certain period, again it is destroyed. And there is destroying, I mean to say, process. So Krishna comes, He sets right everything. But the nature of this world is like that. It becomes again deteriorated. Deteriorated. So? Let us have sankirtana. Govinda jaya jaya gopala jaya jaya..."

(Srila Prabhupada lecture, September 11, 1968)
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