Photo Album (#498)
(Madan Mohan Mandir, Vrindavan, India)

The beautiful architecture of the Madan Mohan temple, located near the Kali Ghat, hovers over the landscape of Sri Vrindavan Dhama. This temple is known as the oldest in Vrindavan today. The original Deity of Madan Mohan was moved to Rajhasthan for safe keeping, where the original still resides. A replica Deity, considered to be nondifferent from the original, is still being worshipped in the right temple.

The bhajan kutir and samadhi of Sanatana Goswami, together with the puspa-samadhis of Candrasekhara Acharya and Tapana Misra are also here.

Pilgrims come from all over the world to have darsana of this most important Krishna temple.
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