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(Srila Prabhupada and Vishnujana Swami on the right)

"So I am always thankful to you for your activities in announcing the interest of our mission. Thank you very much. Most probably when I return to L.A. I may call you back just to hear your chanting of Hare Krishna Mantra. I am very anxious to meet you also. I am thinking of returning very soon, but I am contemplating going to Russia. So on my way back I may go there to Russia for a few days and then to U.S.A. Although I am Indian materially, still I have adopted U.S.A. as my father-land and you are all my fathers. In India I had one father who raised me a Krishna conscious child but in America I have got many fathers who are reminding me always of Krishna. Therefore I will always wish to live under your care."

(Srila Prabhupada letter to "My Dear Son, Vishnujana Maharaj," April 4th, 1971)
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