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(Srila Prabhupada with Kartamashi ["The Boss"] in Montreal, 1975)

"The devotees of Krishna engaged in His personal service are always very cautious because they know that becoming personal servitors of Lord Krishna is not an ordinary thing. A person who offers respect even to the ants engaged in the service of the Lord becomes eternally happy, so what is there to be said of one who offers Krishna direct service? Raktaka once said within himself, 'Not only is Krishna my worshipable and servable Lord, but also the girl friends of Krishna, the gopis, are equally woshipable and servable by me. And not only the gopis, but anyone who is engaged in the service for the Lord is also worshipable and servable by me. I know that I must be very careful not to become overly proud that I am one of the servitors and devotees of the Lord.' From this statement one can understand that the pure devotees, those who are actually engaged in the service of the Lord, are always very cautious and are never overly proud of their service."

(The Nectar of Devotion, Chapter 36)
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