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"So where the crows go, the swans do not go. And where the swans go, the crows have no access. Similarly, the Krishna consciousness movement is meant for the swans, not for the crows. So try to remain swans, raja-hamsa or paramahamsa. Hamsa means swan. Even if we have got this little place, don't go to the place of the crows, the so-called clubs, restaurant, brothel, dancing club, and... People are... Especially in the Western countries, they are very much busy with these places. But don't remain crow. Become swans simply by this process, chanting and hearing about Krsna. This is the process, to remain paramahamsa. Dharma-projjhita-kaitava atra nirmatsaranam. Dharma-projjhita-kaitava atra paramo nirmatsaranam [SB 1.1.2]. This Bhagavata-dharma, this Krsna consciousness, is meant for paramo nirmatsaranam. Matsara, matsarata. Matsara means envy. I am envious of you. You are envious of me. This is material world. Just like so many envious persons are there in this quarter, simply lodging complaint against us. We have got good experience of this. So the Bhagavata-dharma is meant for paramo nirmatsaranam. Matsarata means one who cannot endure or can tolerate others' advancement. That is called matsarata. That is the nature of everyone. Everyone is trying to advance more. The neighbor is envious: 'Oh, this man is going ahead. I could not.' This is... Even if he is brother, even if he is son, this is the nature of the... So therefore this Bhagavata-dharma is not meant for such persons, who are envious. It is meant for the paramo nirmatsaranam, who has given up this envy or envious attitude ultimately. Now, how it is possible? It is possible only when you have learned how to love Krishna. Then it is possible. Then you will see that 'Everyone is Krishna's part and parcel. So he is suffering for want of his Krishna consciousness. Let me speak something about Him, about Krishna. Let me give some literature to him about Krishna so that one day he will come to Krishna consciousness and become happy.' This is sravanam kirtanam smaranam process. We should ourself also continuously hear from authoritative literature, person, and continuously go on chanting the same thing, repetition. That's all. Then everything will be happy atmosphere. Otherwise the crows assembly in the garbage will continue, and nobody will be happy."

(Srila Prabhupada lecture, London, March 12, 1975)

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