Poem on My Spiritual Master
By Harsharani Devi

Dear Swamiji

I offer my respects unto the Lotus
Feet of my Spiritual Master,
Who is always herding cows
In Goloka Vrindaban with His
Dearmost Friend, Krishna.
Sometimes He is running barefoot
Through the forest chasing cows
And sometimes He is hiding behind
A tree waiting for Krishna to
Return with the spoils from
Mother Yasoda’s butter pots.
I offer my respects unto the Lotus
Feet of my Spiritual Master, Who is
Always thinking of what He can
Do in service of His Dearmost
Friend Krishna and never wanting
Anything in return.

(Back to Godhead Vol. 17, 1968)

Govinda Dasi: I would open Prabhupada's mail and read it to him. Once Harsharani sent Prabhupada a poem she had written. I thought it was bizarre. She wrote, "I offer my humble obeisances to my spiritual master, who is continuously running here and there playing hide-and-go-seek and leap frog with Krishna and the cowherd boys," and she described many transcendental pastimes. Prabhupada said, "Ah, she has become advanced. Publish this poem in Back to Godhead." And it was printed in Back to Godhead.

(Memories: Anecdotes of a Modern Day Saint, Vol. 1)

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