Regarding Your Question, Part 11
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"Now, regarding your question: 'What is the difference between Jagannatha deities and Krishna Murti and why is the latter not fed and cared for as well as the former and why are Jagannathas more tolerant?' Krishna means Himself and all His expansions, different expansions. So sometimes, Krishna appears as Vasudeva, sometimes as Sankarsana, sometimes as Jagannatha, sometimes as Lord Caitanya, sometimes as Rama, so all such different incarnations includes the Name Krishna. So Jagannatha is another feature of Krishna, and He is especially favorable to the people who are not strictly advanced to the Brahminical culture of Vedic rituals. Lord Jagannatha is situated in India, at Puri; this place is one of the towns of Orissa province. And the people of Orissa and Bengal, they are sometimes fish-eaters, why sometimes—about 90% population they are fish-eaters. But Jagannatha Swami in Puri, He accepts service from these people although they are sometimes fish-eaters. So in the Kali yuga, the people are supposed to be not so clean, and therefore, service to Jagannatha Swami is preferred. So far service to Laksmi-Narayana, and Radha Krishna, it requires highly elevated position, transcendental to Brahmins. But still, either we serve Jagannatha or Radha Krishna, the effect is the same. But to facilitate the worship of the Lord in the Form of Jagannatha is more congenial than others. But when anything is offered to Jagannatha, it does not mean that it is not taken by Krishna. So in the temple, although we offer to Jagannatha, it is also accepted by Krishna. Be rest assured of this fact.

Regarding your question: 'What is the correct sexual etiquette for a strict Grhastha; and what is spiritual family planning?' Unless one wants to beget a child, there should not be any sex life. The best thing is to forget sex, but it is not possible immediately or all of a sudden, especially in the Western countries where sex life is so liberal. So under the circumstances, one should try to have sex life only for children, not for any other purpose. Spiritual family planning is that one should be determined to train up children in Krishna Consciousness. According to Bhagavata, the spiritual family planning is that one should not become a father or one should not become a mother, unless he is able to maintain their children to the extent of liberation. It is the duty of the parents to see that the children are growing luxuriantly not only materially, but spiritually also. So spiritual training should be given from the very beginning. Kaumaram acaret prajna—In the Srimad-Bhagavatam, Prahlada Maharaja has instructed that spiritual consciousness or Krishna Consciousness should be taught to the children from the very beginning as they are given education from early childhood.

You are always welcome to put questions, and it is my duty to answer all the questions to my sincere devotees."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, August 19, 1968)

"Regarding your question: 'about the six-armed Lord Chaitanya you gave me (Krishna, Lord Chaitanya, and Lord Rama combined.) Why is Lord Chaitanya carrying a forked stick? What do the Shaivite-like teloks on His arms signify? And to whom was this form revealed?' The forked stick is a symbol of ekadandi. The Mayavadi sannyasis, they carry ekadanda, one stick. As we Vaisnava sannyasis carry 3 danda, or three sticks, combined together. The one stick is the symbol of understanding oneness. The monists only accept chin matra, there is only one spirit soul; they do not understand the varieties of the spiritual world. And so far our three sticks are concerned, we take it for granted that we have dedicated our life, for Krishna's service in 3 ways, namely, in our body, in our mind, and in our words. Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur has sung in a poetry that my mind, my body, and my home is surrendered unto You. So a Grihastha or householder like you, you are also tridandi. Because you have sacrificed everything, your life, your home, and your child, so you are a tridandi sannyasi, in fact. So continue this attitude seriously and sincerely, so you will be also as good as a sannyasi even though you are in the dress of a Grihastha. The Shaivite telok is three pundra, 3 lines, on the forehead, in 3 parallel lines. Our tilak udra pundra, they are distinctive marks of different sections. There are two sections of the Vedic followers. Namely, the impersonalists and personalists. So the tilak distinguishes one from the impersonalists. Our udra pundra, Visnu temple, udra pundra means Visnu temple, so we are distinguished from the mayavadis who use the three parallel lines, tripundra."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, August 30, 1968)

"Regarding your question about this planet and Krishna's coming here, you may note that Krishna comes within this universe once in one day of Brahma. Duration of Brahma's day is very very long, it is stated in the Bhagavad-gita—432 crores of years forms the duration of 12 hours of Brahma's day. And similarly, there are 12 hours of night, so after 864 crores of years, Krishna comes in this universe, and whenever He comes, He of course, appears on this planet, that is the fortune of the people of this planet. We should know very clearly that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is neither Indian nor American, as much as the sun is neither Indian nor American. The original name of this planet is called Bharatavarsa, and before that it was known as Ilavrtavarsa. Now since the day of Emperor Bharata, this planet is know as Bharatavarsa, but in course of time, the human race divided, therefore we find so many other names. But the original name of this planet is Bharatavarsa, and in the Vedic literature, it is stated that anyone who takes birth on this planet, they are very fortunate. Because it is the special planet where Krishna descends when He comes.

Regarding your proposal to become a doctor, because your mother wants to prosecute your education, I think if you can learn Krishna Consciousness perfectly, by reading our different literatures, and books, you will be a better doctor than the ordinary physician. The ordinary physician may cure the disease of the body, but if you become advanced in Krishna Consciousness, you will be able to cure the disease of the soul for many many persons. And that is more important than a doctor or medical practitioner for curing the disease of this body. However we may be expert for keeping this body fit, it is sure and certain that this will end. But if you can protect the soul from being fallen a victim of this material existence that is a greater service. In some of the Vedic literatures, it is said that Atmanan Sarvato Rakshet, that means one should give first protection to the soul. Then he should take care of his particular type of faith, then he should take care of the material things, namely this body, and anything in relation with this body, or wealth. Please try to read all our books very carefully, and whenever there is any doubt, you ask me, and be expert preacher. That will make you a great doctor for protecting the human society from being fallen a victim to maya."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, October 7, 1968)

"Regarding your question: The spirit soul of Krishna's entourage, all the associates of Krishna or anyone situated in Vaikuntha the spiritual sky, never mind, either in Vaikunthas or in Krishna Loka, they have no separate body. Just like Krishna has no differentiation between body and soul, similarly, those who are transferred or living eternally in the spiritual sky, they haven't got also such distinction, between spirit and body. The body is also spiritual and the soul is also spiritual. Not only the body, everything, all spiritual. The spiritual world is expansion of Krishna's spiritual or internal energy. So there is no difference of body. But if somebody comes from the spiritual world for material activities, he has to accept the material body, but that is not applicable in the case of the Supreme Lord. Because he does not come to the material world for some material enjoyment. Mayavadi philosophers they also say that when God comes also in the material world, He has to accept the material body but that is not a fact. Because even God accepts a material body, apparently, still He does not act materially. Because both material energy and spiritual energy are under the control of the Supreme Lord; as such, He is completely powerful to transform matter into spirit, or spirit into matter. That is the position. So far associates of Krishna, they are expansion of His spiritual energy.

Regarding your question about Ravana: It is not a fact that every time whenever Krishna comes in this material world, the demons are, like Ravana, are always associate of Krishna who come here to fight with Him. The Jaya and Vijaya incident was a specific only. Not that every time they come. For them, the Lord's order that they would continue only three births, and then come back. So they went back; not that every time they have to come back and play the part of a demon. In this material world there is no scarcity of demons. There are so many demons, so Krishna has opportunity to fight with them. But that was a special case, who played the part of Ravana, Jaya and Vijaya.

Although I am very busy, still it is my duty to answer all inquiries from my disciples, so you never hesitate to write me letters, and whenever there is some inquiry, you must ask me, and it is my duty to explain. In the Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu it is stated that the inquisitive disciple advances very quickly in Krishna Consciousness. So I am very glad that you are so inquisitive, and trying to understand things in proper perspective. So I am always at your service, and you are welcome to write and inquire from me at any time."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, October 15, 1968)

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