Regarding Your Question, Part 23
"Regarding your question do the Vedic histories refer to this planet only. No. Vedic history means of this universe. Our history begins from the beginning of the creation because the creation takes place with the birth of Brahma from the abdomen lotus flower of Lord Visnu. Then Brahma gradually creates. He begets so many sons known as Prajapatis who are supposed to be the generators of living entities, and therefore the history begins from Brahma. In the Bhagavad Gita this is confirmed in the 15th chapter. It is said there that the root of this big universal banyan tree is on the top; therefore history begins from the top.

Yes. This planet comes later on. We can take the idea from the tree—the tree grows gradually, and the different fruits, branches, and twigs gradually appear. Therefore it is to be understood that this planet has grown later on. Besides this we understand that although the planet was later on grown up, it was covered with water—pralaya payodhi jale, merged into the water after devastation. Then gradually it emerges from water. That we can experience, that gradually land is coming out of the oceans. Because of its being merged into water, it is natural to conclude that the beginning of life was aquatic. This is confirmed in Padma Purāṇa that the species of life evolved from aquatics to plants, vegetables, trees; thereafter insects, reptiles, flies, birds, then beasts, and then human kind. This is the gradual process of evolution of species of life.

But we do not accept Darwin's theory. According to Darwin's theory, homo sapiens came later on, but we see that the most intelligent personality, Brahma, is born first. So according to Vedic knowledge, Darwin or similar mental speculators are rejected so far the fact is concerned."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, March 9, 1970)

"Regarding the statement in Bhagavad Gita (17.6) that those who are demons parch the Supersoul within the body, Krishna cannot be parched, but one who observes fasting irregularly gives unnecessary trouble to the soul; and the soul and the Supersoul sitting together or the soul being part and parcel of the Supersoul, indirectly it is parching the Supersoul. The idea is that one should not unnecessarily give trouble to the soul or Supersoul. That is the business of the demon."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, March 15, 1970)

"Regarding your several questions; yes, it is best to get all such points cleared up so that our understanding may be firmly fixed up in our philosophy. The best process is to rigidly execute one's prescribed devotional duties regularly, and to study the books and literatures very carefully in the company and guidance of experienced devotees. The essence of our program is to chant daily Hare Krishna mantra at least sixteen rounds without fail, and thus one remains strong in spiritual life.

So far chaunce is concerned, I think you have been wrongly advised to burn the cumin seeds and chilies until they are very black. The chilie should be added to the hot ghee just after the cumin seed begins to darken in color, and both of them should become brown, but not black or burnt. I think this adjustment with a little trial will improve the dahl for offering to the Deities.

But I see that you have many such questions about our philosophy. Under the circumstances it would be very good if you come to Los Angeles for some time to learn these questions and answers in the daily classes here. This is a good opportunity to clear up any doubts or misunderstandings, and the best program is if you come here for study. I am personally lecturing here weekly especially for our devotees.

Regarding Neil's study of Sanskrit, I am very glad to learn of his seriousness to study, and we need many such Sanskrit scholar devotees. When it is convenient, he may study with Pradyumna in Boston, and there are Sanskrit courses at the university there also. In the meantime, for his studies, Manva Dharma Sastra is not bona fide. The Hitopadesh is alright for study."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, March 15, 1970)

"Regarding your question about the art department, for the present we should finish the pictures for KRSNA first. Then, if there is opportunity, they can print pictures for Nectar of Devotion. Both are required, but most important is KRSNA. It is better to have pictures in all our books, as many as possible.

I have received two copies of Easy Journey, and Advaita has done this picture cover and it is very much advanced. So he can print pictures in NOD. The printing of Easy Journey is very encouraging. I think that the second part of KRSNA should be printed in our own press.

Yes, be engaged always in Krishna's duties, and you all members, husband and wife, family, friends, brothers, and sisters, all combined will feel transcendental bliss."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, March 20, 1970)

"Regarding your question about the various demoniac species of life: the Lord's condemnation, although appearing to be very harsh, is not so. The Lord being Absolute, His condemnation is as good as His blessings. Whenever the Lord or anyone of His pure devotees condemns somebody, it is to be taken as blessing. You know that the great sage Narada condemned the sons of Kuvera to become trees, but as a result of this, they were able to see Lord Krsna which is very difficult even for the great mystic yogis.

You have been a little bit perturbed that the demons are eternally condemned, and I thank you very much that you have been compassionate with the demons. That is the sign of Vaisnavism. The Lord may condemn the demons, but because the Vaisnavas are there, there is ample chance for the demons to become blessed by the devotees of the Lord. The devotees of the Lord are so powerful that each and every one of them has the power of delivering many demons, even condemned by the Lord. The preaching work of Krishna Consciousness Movement is specifically meant for delivering the demons. Therefore, if you remain faithful to the Lord, you shall be able to deliver many such demons.

So there is no cause of being disappointed because of the demons being condemned by the Lord. It is the duty of the devotee to deliver them. And the Lord is so powerful that through His pure devotee anyone can be delivered, never mind how he is fallen or condemned. I think the answer of your question is now clear and you can do the needful."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, March 25, 1970)

"I am very, very glad that you are taking care of the Deities with great attention and enthusiasm. Regarding your questions: the Deities should be polished before Their morning bath. Make a thin paste of fuller's earth and lime juice and rub this mixture on Their bodies and then bathe them and then dry and buff Them with a small towel for the purpose. You can make one very nice bed and place it to the backside of the throne, and you can make night clothes. So after the last Aratrik at night, you can change to Their night clothes for taking rest. Because They are small Deities, They may be lain on the bed with some pillows (because the base may raise Their feet up); if this can be arranged it will be nice.

Yes, Their crowns and jewelry should be removed both at night and while resting at noon, but wigs may stay on and Krsna should always hold His flute. It is nice if you can provide some heating arrangement for cold weather. Also different weight clothes for warmer or colder weather is good. Your idea for a thin curtain around the throne is very good. Regarding Radharani's smiling, that is not imagination—so she must smile. Let this be an impetus to your increased service.

Radha Krsna topics are for both liberated and conditioned souls, but conditioned souls should not much discuss about the loving affairs between Radha and Krsna because sometimes they misunderstand Radha and Krsna as ordinary boy and girl. So this should be discussed with advanced students, not with ordinary men. Yes, you make the throne very plush and comfortable and gorgeous like a bedroom. You are welcome for these questions, since you are engaged in Their service, you must know everything thoroughly.

Regarding taking Lord Jagannatha to your next center, that will not be very good because you already do not have enough devotees to engage in Arcan. Unless there is a Deity worshipper available, we may worship Panca-tattva and Guru. That can be done by all initiated students whether they are once or twice initiated. Before an altar with pictures of Lord Chaitanya, Panca-tattwa and Acaryas, everyone can offer Aratrik and Bhoga.

Yes, it is nice that you are worshiping Lord Chaitanya along with Radha Krsna. That is alright. Lord Chaitanya should be placed to the right side of Krsna. There is nothing special for His worship, but you may continue as you are doing now. The order of worshiping is first Spiritual Master, and then Lord Chaitanya, then Radha Krsna (as in the mantras or Bunde aham prayer).

Your confidence to do whatever you are instructed by the Spiritual Master is very encouraging. Yes, this is the method of the Vedic injunction, staunch faith in Spiritual Master and Krsna makes one perfect in spiritual understanding."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, April 1, 1970)

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