Regarding Your Question, Part 27
(Srila Prabhupada and Kartamashi, Montreal, 1975)

"As for your questions, do the fallen souls leave the spiritual world all at once or gradually, we can answer, do all the prisoners in the prisonhouse free at once—no, some are coming, some are going. Our presentation of Krishna Consciousness must be always very bold-if we are king, we must act like king. The idea is if we speak the truth, those will hear who are intended to hear by being qualified or prepared. It is not that we should compromise to attract the mass—we are after the class. Still, it was my method to make Krishna Consciousness palatable to you Western boys and girls, how else could I attract you to give up your habits of sense gratification? Krishna philosophy can be approached from every angle because it is the Complete Whole, purnam. So if your scientific explanation, beginning from the point that sound vibration is the root cause of everything, and leading to the understanding that Krishna is the Cause of the sound vibration is having good effect, why not continue in this way. Only thing is to remain true to the authorities—Krishna, the great saints and acaryas—and everything you say will come out nicely. People are of different natures so we have to use our talents how to convince people in different circumstances, that's all."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, November 15, 1971)

"As far as your questions, Krishna is not in need of anything, He is purnam, the Complete Whole. And yet He appreciates our love for Him, just like everyone appreciates if someone exhibits love for them. So He kindly allows us to show that love by considering that if I do not feed Him, Krishna will go hungry, if I do not give Him rest, He will be tired, like that. He reciprocates by pretending to be dependent on me, my slave, just to give us opportunity to find the real object of our loving propensity and to take pleasure by pleasing and serving Him. Everything we do should be for the reason that it gives pleasure to Krishna. Because Krishna's intimate associates give Him the most pleasure, and because they are His favorites, it pleases Him to see that these associates and close friends are also offered all respect by the devotees. Tulsidevi is part of Krishna's entourage, she is Krishna-ised or Krishna Conscious, and in this pure state she has all the qualities of Krishna, and therefore she becomes worshipable just like Krishna. There is a saying, love me, love my dog. It is like that. To approach the President is very difficult, unless you are the friend of his son or daughter, then it becomes very easy. So worship of Tulsidevi and other of Lord Krishna's Entourage is part of the total devotional attitude of pleasing Krishna."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, November 17, 1971)

"Regarding your question about incense, Karandhar has just informed me that our Spiritual Sky incense business is making now $1,000,000 a year to spend for Krishna. How can that be Maya? My Guru Maharaj used to say, 'Anything material, if it is used for the service of Krishna, it is a mistake to give it up.' Because I have understood this principle, he used to appreciate me in front of my godbrothers. I have given this idea all along—why you big leaders do not understand it? You should take it to heart as a guiding principle that somehow or other we always please Krishna by doing what is practical and necessary, according to time and place. Not that we should be whimsical. But one test is that all the devotees should be satisfied. They have given their lives to Krishna, so we should see they are always happy. Their service is voluntary. It is not that we can force anyone to do anything. If we do they will go away and that is a great loss. Everyone must be encouraged to do what he likes to do for Krishna, so if someone likes to do business for Krishna, let them make $1,000,000 for Krishna."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, November 20, 1971)

"Regarding your question on the creation, Mahavishnu is lying in the causal ocean and while He is breathing the universes are coming out like small seeds. And when they come into contact with the causal ocean they develop. Then the same Mahavishnu enters into each universe and again he lies down in the Garbha Ocean within each universe. From this Garbha ocean lying down, a lotus stem grows from His navel and Lord Brahma is born. Brahma creates all other things. Lord Siva is born from Brahma and He is reserved for dissolving everything. These things are all described in the 2nd Canto of Srimad Bhagwatam.

To answer your other question, after Brahma was born He created some sons to increase the population. They were all created by Brahma and distributed. Prajapata means generator, Sambhu is Siva, Durga is the material energy. Just like in the Krishna Consciousness Movement, the boys are my sons and the girls are my daughters, and I say to them, take this boy, take this girl. So Brahma arranges like that."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, December 6, 1971)

"As for your questions about householder life, first of all, who is looking after Oklahoma City temple? If you are the President, then what is the use of opening center if you cannot attend all temple functions? Who is looking after temple management? If you are in charge, either you should live there or there is no need for such temple. Of course, it is not that anyone is excluded from being my disciple if they do not cent per cent attend all of temple programs, but they should be encouraged to attend as far as possible. Living outside and working are not prohibited, and it is not recommended that such strict rule as no outside living should be enforced, but living in the association of devotees is better. From our side there is never any objection if it is inconvenient for temple living, but if you are in charge of organizing your new center, I think you should live in the company of the other devotees there, to train them and work with them for distributing our books and magazines and pushing on this Krishna Consciousness Movement full-time. But if there is some difficulty to do this or some problem with getting money, then you should consult further with your GBC man to make adjustment. Preaching is our first-class engagement, including Sankirtan party, selling books, speaking, like that. But if for some reason a devotee is unable to do these things, then I say that they are allowed to live outside and work as a concession. Our service for Krishna is voluntary and can never be forced. And whatever position in life one holds he can serve Krishna in that way. But yourselves being such qualified and experienced preachers, what is the benefit of engaging in the second-class activity when there is so much preaching work to be done? Practically speaking, our Krishna philosophy will save the whole world from the most dangerous condition, that is a fact. So now you just become convinced yourselves of this fact and help me spread this Movement for saving the world with all conviction and attention, and in this way you will be performing the highest type of activity and very soon you will go back to Home, back to Godhead, know it for certain. I have no objection if you keep home deities."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, December 8, 1971)

"Regarding your questions, it is not very good to put 'statues' of Radha and Krishna on a shelf. If they are not worshiped as deities what is the use of such display? Visitors will get the wrong idea that they are merely decorative figures or idols, that we do not take them very seriously. Why you do not worship them on the altar?"

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, December 8, 1971)

"Regarding your questions, there is no question of using paper plastic fruits and flowers for worshiping the deities. If no fresh fruits or flowers are available, then you can decorate with some fresh leaves. You have seen our temples; nowhere do we use such things. You are experienced devotee, why you propose like that? We are not after decoration, we are after devotional service for pleasing Krishna's senses. Decoration must be there of course, to make the temple as opulent as possible for pleasing Krishna. Outside the temple, you can use the plastic ornaments. But not for worship. For daily worship there must be fresh fruit, flowers, and leaves."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, December 26, 1971)

"Regarding your question about deities, what is the use of such temple if nonresidents cannot come? For ourselves, we do not require temple for serving Krishna. But, because the public must have a comfortable place to sit down and chant Hare Krishna, therefore we get a nice house, install deity, decorate nicely and invite everyone. So if no one can come due to law, I do not think you should keep such place. Better to find a more suitable place, then install Lord Jagannath."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, December 28, 1971)

"Regarding your question, Lord Chaitanya is simply making a comparison between the moon and Lord Krishna's Sankirtan movement, because both are radiating benediction on all the living entities. Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita: 'I become the moon, and thereby supply the juice of life to all vegetables,' and in another place 'among the stars I am the moon.' So, directly or indirectly, Krishna is supplying all benediction to everything and everyone, just like the moon gives life to vegetables, without which nothing can exist, and also that moon keeps the great oceans from overcoming the land and destroying everything. Similarly, Lord Chaitanya's Sankirtan movement gives spiritual life to all living entities by dint of its transcendental radiation, and also it prevents the demonic class of men from overwhelming the pious class of men, and thus in every way it bestows all benediction, just like at night the moon illuminates everything."

(Srila Prabhupada Letter, December 28, 1971)

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