Memories (#107)
(George Harrison, My Sweet Lord)

George and Ravi in Vrindaban

After the opening of The Krishna Balarama Temple, Prabhupada was preaching and enjoying his new, spacious quarters. A rumor came to the Raman Reti land that Ravi Shankar and George Harrison were in the holy dhama. We sent the word that Prabhupada would like to see them. They sent word back that they would visit the next morning.

The air was fresh, and a Braja breeze flew into the windows. Four or five devotees were invited into Prabhupada's airy rooms. We could see the front of the property where our guests would arrive. Then we heard the car drive up and stop, and some animated voices. I wanted to run out and see George. I asked Prabhupada if I could be excused to greet George and Ravi, and he agreed.

I ran out, and George and Ravi were coming around the side road. George and I ran towards each other and embraced warmly for about thirty seconds. We looked into each other's eyes, and he said, "Vrindaban is blissful!" He turned and introduced me to someone I already knew: "Srivatsa Goswami is showing us around." Then Ravi stepped up and took both of my hands in his and smiled, "We meet again," he said. (We had previously met in San Francisco and London.)

I asked George what he had seen so far in Vrindaban and suggested a few more good spots to see. Srivatsa confirmed that they were already planning to go to those places.

Then I ushered them all into Prabhupada's rooms.

Prabhupada sat erect looking resplendent as they entered the rooms. George and Prabhupada caught up on the news. Prabhupada asked about George's music. "My Sweet Lord" has the Maha Mantra on it," he told Prabhupada.

"I have heard it," Prabhupada replied. "It is so nice!" Then Prabhupada told George about the successes of the Krishna Book distribution and about how many visitors were coming to Bhaktivedanta Manor (both were funded by George).

As he looked around, Ravi Shankar said, "This new Krishna Balarama Temple is very, very beautiful -- the best in Vrindaban!"

Prabhupada looked at me and said, "Our Gurudasji was the in-charge."

They all smiled on me. I blushed at all the benign attention. I said it was simply Krishna's mercy and Prabhupada's direction that had built this temple.

"Is your music getting acceptance?" Prabhupada asked Ravi.

"Yes, Indian music is being heard and appreciated all over the world."

"That is nice, just like our Krishna consciousness movement is now all over the world."

Prasadam and water were brought in, and we all ate and drank in merriment and felt joyful in the holy dhama with these great personages.
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