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"When he first came to the temple, I wasn’t very conscious of who he was because I was a brand new devotee. He came into the temple room, and everyone paid their obeisances. When everyone had their heads down, I looked up at Srila Prabhupada and he laughed, he smiled at me. It was the first realization that I ever had, that he was the first person that had ever loved me. That was very clear, that he was the first person in my life that had ever loved me and that he knew clearly who I was and everything about me. I felt he saw right through me, not in a bad way, not like saw through my artificiality, but saw who I really was. That was a very special thing. Then everyone sat down and he spoke a little bit, and then someone brought him a plate of sweets. I remember he took a gulabjamon and he tossed it in his mouth from his lap, and I remember thinking that was so incredible. I’ve tried it in the past and it just lands on my forehead or over my shoulder, but it was so incredible to watch him. Everything he did was so perfect and aristocratic."

Prafullamukhi dasi
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