(*Click on picture to see a larger image of "Matchless Gifts" storefront.)

After the lecture, the Swami asks if there are any questions. Someone asks if it is true that he is forming an "international society," as indicated by the sign in the window.

"Yes, " the Swami says. "Of course, at present, this is our only branch, but this Society we are forming, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, is meant to teach everyone love of God by this bhakti-yoga process. The other day, someone wanted me to call it the International Society for God Consciousness." He smiles and shakes his head. "But I decided no," he says. "Krishna must be there."

After the questions, the Swami again slices up an apple and hands it to Roy for distribution. Then, seeing that some people are questioning the Swami further, I also approach him.

"Have you ever heard of LSD?" I ask boldly.

"No," he says.
"It's a chemical," I say, vaguely feeling stupid. "Some people claim that it can give religious insights or ecstasies. Do you think that it could be helpful in spiritual life?"

He looks at me for a moment with childlike curiosity.

"You don't need to take anything for your spiritual life," he says. "Your spiritual life is already here."

Yes, it certainly is here, I think, standing before the most exalted personality I have ever seen.

(The Hare Krishna Explosion, Chapter 1)
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