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Memories (#78)
By His Example
The Wit and Wisdom of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
by Gurudas
(Part 11)


John and the other Beatles became more favorable towards us, and we chatted from time to time and soon became friends. Each Beatle approached us from a different perspective. George was always the friendliest; however, John and I also became friends through the many discussions we shared.

I was fond of talking with John, because he would want to talk philosophically. He challenged organized religion in general, pointing out various tainted injustices and made some good points, such as how religion can subjugate people's creativity and the sales of indulgences by early Christians. I submitted that spirituality can also enhance one's creativity. "If we create for God, the result becomes eternal." Regarding the sales of indulgences, I told John that I was not an apologist for Christianity, but that anyone on the spiritual path must try to be pure in his intent. I added that there are also many false yogis and swamis who misuse their power.

John always wanted to hear my answer if he asked a question. If someone challenges just to challenge, nothing is accomplished. But to try to understand another's point of view is the essence of life. The Native Indians have a saying: "Never judge me until you walk a mile in my moccasins."

John and I slowly got to know one another. First, he had to trust me before he opened up. On one hand I really didn't want to hear conversations unrelated to Krishna, but I thought back to one time in Prabhupada's room when he had to listen to a man rattle on and on about some construction work -- yet Swamiji remained interested and even asked questions. Prabhupada was inquiring and curious about people and the nature of human interaction. So, following his example, I entered into talks with John and Yoko freely.

(To be continued.)
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