Memories (#99)
"Before writing these books, I never really wrote before," Swamiji tells me. "I wondered, 'How shall I do it?' So I just sat down and repeated what I had heard from my spiritual master. I did not invent. If I'm satisfied, it is because I have delivered the message as it is, without any concoctions. But as for writing -- "He laughs." 'It is all the mercy of my spiritual master. He was such a scholar, such a transcendental aristocrat, a Vaikuntha man. He never married. Eternal brahmacari. It is he who is inspiring us. He once said, 'Don't build temples in this age. Print books.' Books were very important to him, for by them we can spread this movement most effectively. Perhaps a modern gentleman may not want to visit a temple, but he will want to buy a book'"

Hayagriva dasa
(The Hare Krishna Explosion, Chapter 2)
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