Krishna's Lotus Feet
Please be always strongly fixed up in the Lotus Feet of Krishna, just as the bees are fixed up in the honeycomb. This staunch affection for Krishna will save us from all kinds of dangers created by Maya.

You know it very well that the material energy is so strong that it captivates the spiritual spark, living entity and the only remedy is to cling to the Lotus Feet of Krishna. This age is especially meant for dissension, therefore whenever there is such occasion we should simply call for the help of Krishna.

Our task is very heavy because we have declared war against Maya. She will always try to defeat us or even kill us but we can always be saved by clinging unto the Lotus Feet of Krishna.

Kindly remember this secret of our success and try to convince all your God-brothers on this point.
(Srila Prabhupada letter, November 18, 1967)
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