(Srila Prabhupada lovingly reciprocates with the devotees in Los Angeles, 1970)

"The exchange of flowers that started in Los Angeles after Prabhupada came back from his morning walk was just one of the sweetest and most memorable exchanges that I’ve ever had in my Krishna conscious career with Prabhupada. Prabhupada would go on the morning walk, and typically he would go to Venice but not always, Venice Beach. Then when he returned, prior to the greeting of the deities, the devotees would be prepared for him in two lines and all the children would be there. It was such a sweet time and everybody was so happy that it’s so obvious that the children also enjoyed the whole thing. The whole atmosphere was completely enjoyable and family-like, this wonderful, wonderful exchange of flowers with Prabhupada. This was going on outside the temple. We could have done it inside the temple or something, but it was just there being done as Prabhupada dismounted from the car and we were right there on the street and greeting Prabhupada right when he first arrived there."

(Video by ISKCON Cinema)

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