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Nitāi Pada Kamala
By Srila Narottama dāsa Ṭhākura


    nitāi-pada-kamala, koṭi-candra-suśītala
    je chāyāy jagata jurāy
    heno nitāi bine bhāi, rādhā-kṛṣṇa pāite nāi
    dṛḍha kori' dharo nitāir pāy

The lotus feet of Lord Nityānanda are a shelter where one will get the soothing moonlight not only of one, but of millions of moons. If the world wants to have real peace, it should take shelter of Lord Nityānanda. Unless one takes shelter under the shade of the lotus feet of Lord Nityānanda, it will be very difficult for him to approach Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa. If one actually wants to enter into the dancing party of Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa, he must firmly catch hold of the lotus feet of Lord Nityānanda.


    se sambandha nāhi jā'r, bṛthā janma gelo tā'r
    sei paśu boro durācā
    rnitāi nā bolilo mukhe, majilo saṁsāra-sukhe
    vidyā-kule ki koribe tār

Anyone who has not established his relationship with Nityānanda Prabhu is understood to have spoiled his valuable human birth. Such a human being is actually an uncontrollable animal. Because he never uttered the holy name of Nityānanda, he has become merged into so-called material happiness. What can his useless education and family tradition do to help him?


    ahaṅkāre matta hoiyā, nitāi-pada pāsariyā
    asatyere satya kori māni
    nitāiyer koruṇā habe, braje rādhā-kṛṣṇa pābe
    dharo nitāi-caraṇa du'khāni

Being maddened after false prestige and identification with the body, one is thinking, "Oh, what is Nityānanda? What can He do for me? I don't care." The result is that he is accepting something false to be truth. If you actually want to approach the association of Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa, you must first achieve the mercy of Lord Nityānanda. When He is merciful toward you, then you will be able to approach Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa. Therefore you should firmly grasp the lotus feet of Lord Nityānanda.


    nitāiyer caraṇa satya, tāhāra sevaka nitya
    nitāi-pada sadā koro āśa
    narottama boro dukhī, nitāi more koro sukhī
    rākho rāṅgā-caraṇera pāśa

The lotus feet of Nityānanda are not illusion; they are a fact. One who engages in the transcendental loving service of Nityānanda is also transcendental. Always try to catch the lotus feet of Lord Nityānanda. This Narottama dāsa is very unhappy, therefore I am praying to Lord Nityānanda to make me happy. My dear Lord, please keep me close to Your lotus feet.

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The Lotus Feet of Lord Nityananda
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