Whatever You Have, Offer It to Krishna
(Srila Prabhupada lecturing at 26 Second Avenue, New York 1966)

Interrupting the lecture, an old white-bearded Bowery bum enters and walks down the middle of the room. We sit in confused silence. He approaches the Swami.

What to do? The old beggar is wearing a raincoat and batterd hat. In his hands are paper hand towels and two rolls of toilet paper. Without speaking, he walks past the Swami and carefully places the hand towels by the sink and the toilet paper on the floor beneath. Then, clearing his throat and muttering something, he turns and walks out.

"Just see," the Swami says with satisfaction. "He may not be in order, but he has just begun his devotional service. Just see how naturally it comes. That is the process. Whatever we have—it doesn't matter what—we must offer it to Krishna."

(The Hare Krishna Explosion, Chapter 1)

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